Friday, December 28, 2007

And of wines

I love my wines. Seriously. Because it's amazing how grapes can produce such complex flavours. When God turned water into wine and the host said this was the best wine he'd ever drunk (or something to that effect), it highlighted how great a culinary delight wine is as a gift from God to man. wines are a thing to behold.

of course, it's really expensive also. but then again, nothing really good is ever cheap, isn't it. so here are some wines that i have really really enjoyed over the years.

5. Australian Shiraz
Australia has always been known for their shiraz, as the hot climate of the barossa valley allows these wines to be really bombastic and huge, developing complexity of flavour in a massive way. these are big wines, showing off spicy flavours and having usually long finishes - most australian shirazs usually never fail me.

4. German Riesling
German riesling is light and refreshing, boasting lime and citrus notes and flavours while keeping everything clean with acidity. tried some lovely examples at wine company.

3. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is a revelation - very refreshing with lots of acidity, it zips around your mouth with its intense gooseberry flavours, of freshly cut grass. there have been many great examples of new zealand sauvignon blanc, for example, the venerable cloudy bay, the founder of it all. tahuma's example wasn't too bad, nice and grassy, but the most delicious example this year was perhaps dog point sauvignon blanc 2007 - very fruity while refreshingly fresh with lots of acidity, well rounded.

2. Pinot Noir from New Zealand
Yup, I'm a fan of new zealand wine, because there's just so much there that is delicious and pinot noir is one of them. i just love pinot noir, but most of the time it's really bad, and when it's good it's really expensive, like the first growths or second growths from burgundy. so new zealand pinot noir just does it right. it is a more lush style as compared to burgundy, with more ripe fruit, and being less restrained. seifried's pinot noir was wonderful, with lots of ripe cherry notes and aromas and a soft finish.

1. Sauternes
It just has to be sauternes - the king (or queen) of all wines. forget ice wines. these dessert wines boast so much complexity of flavour while remaining so lusciously sweet and delicious that it begs you to fall in love with it. of course i've never tried a y'quiem, but had the pleasure of trying many not-so-bad examples - chateau de guiraud was a fine example, as well as the one i had on my 21st birthday, although i really cannot remember the name now. those wines boast nectar-like scents of honey, peach, lime, and taste of honey, peach and more fruit, while being balanced with lots of acidity to prevent it from being too cloying. great. get a sauternes anyday.

Top 10 of 2007

Here's where I put my top 10 eating experiences for 2007. Enjoy.

Hawker food:
1. Sin Huat Eating House - crab bee hoon
2. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice - maxwell road
3. Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee
4. Boon Tong Kee, Balestier Road
5. Ya Hwa Bak Kut Teh
6. Founder's Bak Kut Teh
7. Yi Sheng Fried Hokkien Mee - ABC Market
8. Uncle Leong Crab Bee Hoon Seafood
9. Margaret Drive Char Kway Teow
10. Ghim Moh Roast Duck (Jiu Jiang Shao La)

Restaurants and eateries:
1. The Moomba - wonderful food
2. Brussel Sprouts
3. Marmalade Pantry - beef burger
4. Da Paolo Pizza Bar
5. Canele - desserts
6. Aston's specialties
7. Sushi tei (sorry, i'm a poor man)
8. Cordoroy and Finch - dessserts only though
9. Ricoletti/Menotti
10. Ichiban Boshi

Brussel Sprouts

Went to Brussel Sprouts to celebrate a friend's birthday. The place is opened by Emmanuel Strobant, the person behind Saint Peirre the celebrated French restaurant at UE Square. and this place didn't really fail either. The ambience was bright and cheery, featuring yellow pastels on the walls with interesting patterns. bar-like rattan seats. lifts the mood.

So I ordered some mussels (while koping some of my friend's mussels which were the those in the cream stock) - mine was with a tarragon cream base (friends like cream). Both were excellent. The mussels were albeit a bit small though but they were very fresh and sweet with none of that bad odour you normally associate with bad mussels. They were very succulent, without being too chewy with the flavour of the sea still identifiable - the sauce really soaked in all the lovely sea juices and was just a joy to drink, especially with bits of cream, celery, onions - woo hoo. Why can't I live in Belgium? Bleagh.

The frites that came with the mussels were free-flow so you could order them as much as you wanted - they were thickly cut - and somehow thickly cut fries dont really go that well with me i'd rather have it thin - but they were still fine . all good. (A bit more salt needed though - on hindsight).

Only gripe about the mussels is the price, seriously $38 for mussels is really pretty expensive, and $18 for just a small pot is not very worth it either.

Taste: 8.5/10
Value for money: 6/10

My main course was outstanding, seriously. I ordered the duck confit, and the confit was really sizable (well i paid $30, it better be). The outside was nicely crisp and the confit, as all duck confits go, was deliciously salty, savoury, rich and tender, as all confits go - the kriek-soaked tomatoes at the side was a nice touch which cut through the richness of the confit. this was good. It better be good - i left no skin untouched, even though it was really unhealthy to eat confit, but well, duck confit is really a joy to eat if done right (i've tried the one at delifrance bistro, it was horrendously bad - it was uneatable).
Duck Confit:
Taste: 9/10
Value for money: 6/10

had a glass of stella to go with it - should've tried the many beers they had. haha.

a bit expensive though. that meal cost me $50 per head.

Ambience: 7.5/10
Food: 8.5/10
Value: 4/10
Pros: Great belgian food, with alot of beer, especially if u're a beer lover
Cons: quite expensive

Maxwell, Boon Tong Kee, Bak Kut Teh

Went to maxwell road two times this hols, just to try the food there.
On another note, i shall be putting ratings, upon 10, ieatishootipost style, for food, on several factors, just to give you an indication on how they compare with each other.

brought sam to zhen zhen porridge, which had a surprisingly short queue. ordered century egg porridge with chicken. my word it was ALOT of century egg, the whole bowl was chockful of the black stuff. the porridge had a lovely velvety texture, very soft and smooth. only thing lacking was a bit of taste - it wasn't salty enough, and perhaps i shoukd've aded some soy sauce - a bit bland it was. still not too bad.
taste: 7.5/10
value: 8.5/10 (alot of century egg)
pros: value for money
cons: the queue is really long esp at lunchtime

then i went back to eat tian tian hainanese chicken rice again. this time ordered $3 plate, with some innards. still passed the chicken rice test though. the rice was firm and full-grained, albeit a bit oily, coated with chicken goodness. the chicken was very tasty, and very tender, and very good - ummmmm yummily delicious - the chilli sauce had a nice tangy kick with the inclusion of the lime juice in it - it was a good plate of chicken rice, still probably the best in singapore. only gripe i had was that it was probably a bit oily (the sauce slathered over it).

taste: 9/10
value: 8.5/10
pros: probably the best chicken rice you can find
cons: a bit oily

Boon Tong Kee

went to boon tong kee at balestier road to satisfy my chicken rice cravings with jeremy - and it was good, really good. didn't expect boon tong kee to have such good chicken rice since usually the times u eat at bukit timah market was just passable fare - but the original branch at balestier road was absolutely good - the chicken was tender and succulent and tasty, coated in a soy-based sauce, although it was a bit fatty undoubtedly - the side dishes were great - we ordered spinach cooked with century egg and salted egg and that was really nice, plus the deep fried beancurd was consistent and lightly crisp.
the rice wasnt too bad also.
probably the best boon tong kee - i still prefer tian tian but this is as close as it gets.

Chicken rice:
chicken: 8/10
rice: 7/10

side dishes:
century egg spinach: 7.5/10
beancurd: 7/10

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh, Old Havelock Road

the quest for the best bak kut teh in singapore continues - we've reviewed founders, and now it's time to review Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh which is at Old Havelock Road. Old Havelock Road is just a drive down from Zouk - see the street directory at for more information. And it was very very good, probably better than Founders. It wasn't too crowded coz it was late at night - the soup was not so peppery as Founders, probably more garlicky though, and infused with nice pork essence - probably more porkish than Founder's - however what it failed to deliver was the meat - it was too tough, as compared to the more-easy-to-digest founder's bak kut teh. but still, worth going to. and definitely a good place to go for bak kut teh.

and the side dishes were fantastic as well. the salted vegetables had only the slightest hint of saltiness and i could keep eating it forever and ever.

bak kut teh:
taste: 8/10
pros: great tasting soup
cons: not so tender meat

vegetables: 7/10

Friday, December 7, 2007


I've been spoilt for good food after the examinations, but seriously!

On Monday after the examinations i was at Crystal Jade Kitchen at Holland V for roast duck with shrimp dumpling noodle - not bad, good texture (the noodles) - very QQ, sauce was nice, oyster sauce; duck was a bit shabby though. oh well.
Tuesday was a bit uneventful=p
Wednesday went to Bukit Timah Market - had Happy Wantan Noodles, which were quite nice - the uncle would drip the whole noodles in hot water and then in cold water and back and forth - pretty interesting - to get the texture which was not bad. the wantans were not much to shout at though, at least there were alot of vegetables.
The carrot cake was really nice - nice and fluffy and with the salty chai poh bits and lots of egg. still good.

On Thursday our trial advocacy tutor brought us to this place for drinks and food - The Moomba at Circular Quay - usually known for Australian cuisine - but here we tasted two fine wines, a Chenin Blanc and a Barossa Valley Shiraz. The Chenin Blanc was nice and limey with a refreshing scent inbetween a sauvignon blanc and a chardonnay - quite fruity, peach? The Shiraz was apparently 94 points from robert parker - but it was nicely done - very nice bouquet of red fruit, with even hints of pepper and some spicy notes - with a long finish. good stuff.
the food was great - we had teriyaki chicken which was coated with an amazing sauce - fried chicken wings which were nice and crispy and great - lamb was fantastic - very flavourful with nice potatoes - portabello mushrooms, nice and smoky with an intensity of flavour - bruschetta were quite ordinary but okay, fresh - three salads; fig with blue cheese was really nice since the rocket was lined with a bit of sea salt that helped to keep things interesting; the caesar was quite ordinary, i thought.
but overall a great meal at moomba - thanks mr ong (for treating us) - hope you enjoy yourself also!

so i just came back from dinner (and mj) - went to sushi tei at holland village (where incidentally i met an old friend, oh well, just finished her exams it seems) - the food was really excellent coz i guess we decided to spend some money. haha. it was really all sashimi. i had the mini salmon don which was nothign much to shout about - but then on came aburi salmon belly (torched) - which was nice and delicately flavoured with a nice soft texture that melted in your mouth ; tuna sashimi wasn't that good but that's just tuna - yellowtail sashimi was brilliant, nice firm texture with a nice hint of fishiness - salmon sashimi was okay as well, just the usual salmon taste; the piece de resistance, the creme de la creme, though, was the otoro sashimi that we ordered, 5 slices for $20! but they were really thick slices, and each slice had like 5 or 6 diferent 'flakes' and was really thick; but oohh when you just put that otoro sashimi in your mouth it explodes as a taste sensation; it was delicate, so softly textured, yet with a long finish that just exploded in your mouth, and lingered on and on and on - till it never ends - a delicate flavour of fresh tuna belly is something very hard to describe, really - if you try you will know what it's like - just made me go Oooohh, now that's really something - now that's a slice of heaven for you =) i am a satisfied man=)
tuna belly is the works, please do try.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Aston's specialties

I can still savour the flavour of that beef; you know, the satisfaction of having nice juicy beef is really quite unparalled; it really gives you that 'oomph' and that richness and that savoury quality that you just can't resist; and you don't want to dilute that flavour with anything else (aka you don't want to eat anything else...) you just want to let the flavour remain in your system as long as possible.

We went to Aston's Specialties opposite katong mall and there was already a long queue- the food must be good right? no kidding. and the prices were damn reasonable, like 12 bucks for a ribeye or 15 for the bigger portion. including side dishes. the soup was like 2.50. so what's there not to like?

we sat down, ordered; the mushroom soup arrived. it wasn't that bad, didn't seem like it was out from a can; it had nice little mushroomy slices and onion slices in a cream soup. okay. not too bad.

then the steak came. i ordered the 'extra large portion' ribeye, prime ribeye, medium rare; ...wait, let's taste the sides; the fries were albeit cold but really nice and savoury from al the paprika they put in (and the msg); the baked potato was nothing much to shout about but it was really fresh, could taste the potato taste; but the beef, OOOH, was really carnivore's heaven; carnivore's bliss; it was grilled to a perfection with all the criss cross lines, and the insides a lovely reddish pink; each bite was slightly charred on the outside for that grilled flavour, while succulent, juicy, tender, and with that beefy flavour..... ooh that beefy flavour is really out of this world.....really good beef....every morsel contained so much beefy flavour and beefy juice that was just oozing out of my mouth...yumm yum....

and the best part of the steak was the parts where the fat had combined with the charred outside to form a lovely contrast; the silky smooth richness of fat and the grilled flavour of the beef was a wonderfrul combination that can't be beaten, especially for that price! sublime fat.....ooh.....the doctor calls...but yeah, it was great man....yummy yum yum.

aston's specialtes; everyone has blogged about it before, but it is really a place worth of its accolades, a place selling great steak at a great price.

now for that foie gras....

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Haven't updated in years. okay. months.

Been to many wonderful food places over the previous months. What particular comes to mind is this wonderful place called Ricoletti that a few friends and I hopped down to a particular weekday. Ricoletti, and its sister counterpart, Menotti, have this wonderful offer where you are allowed to purchase desserts after 10pm for half-price, presumably because they want to clear their stock. But it was wonderful. We had this chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream called the soffiato, the rich chocolate outer layer splits open revealing dark decadant chocolate oozing from within. There was the lemoncino; brilliantly tart lemon. tiramisu and panna cotta were alright. the creme brulee was another thing to behold; lovely burnt crust.

i had the crabmeat linguine with tomato cream as well; it was wonderful; it had the scent of crab in a nice yellowy slightly tangy and so-creamy bisque, possibly flavoured in the way bisques are flavoured; only gripe is that there could have been more crab. oh well. the one i had long ago at pasta fresca (yes don't look at me, it is pasta fresca) was amazing.

that was a nice touch. the other highlight was when i had a really nice bak chor mee again at taihwa on friday, but i guess you all are already sick of taihwa reviews.

I went to Amici the other day with my dad for a nice lunch; they have this set lunch which was pretty affordable. i just had appetizers and the main course, nothing else. the rack of lamb for the main was excellent; flavourful, but well, nothing really out of the ordinary.

And, i just realised what the gripe is about founders bak kut teh. because it is really something worth queing up (yes the queue is rather long, but well...) for. firstly, we ordered spare ribs. the ribs were not particularly tender, but nice and chewy (the way i like it), and it is really easy to eat, as in, it peels from the ribs very nicely. and the you tiao were really fresh and crisp as well; the broth wasn't too peppery in order to mask the taste of pork; but it contained enough of that pork essence that comes from boiling the soup long enough in pork bones to satisfy me, the broth being the teochew type and not the peppery type.

and around the place you see pictures of fiona xie, felicia chin, and goodness knows how many other actors. and it's wonderful that it opens until 2am. yay. another supper place with quality food for my mahjong after-night-snacks.


and yesterday i just ate at marmalade pantry at holland vilage. many people, including "the travelling hungryboy" and "only slightly pretentious food" (these are food blogs btw the latter being run by my friend colin) have raved about the wonderful 'ultimate beef burger'--i just had to check it out for myself.

and it was was really lovely. the bun was nicely salted, and contained a succulently juicy and beefy patty, so juicy that the juices were beginnign to run out of the burger itself. the buns had nice sliced picked cucumber, and there were little cherry tomatoes that had been grilled with herbs to provide a slightly tart contrast to the meat--but the meat was a winner; it was beefy with a nice springy texture, with the juices of the beef keeping it moist and a pleasure to eat with every bite.

a must-go; especially if you're at holland village.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wonderful hawker food: Sin Huat Eating House

My word, today I was really spoilt for choice. We began our culinary journey at the famous Tai Wah Pork Noodle (Bak Chor Mee) at Crawford Lane which was much better than the other two times I've tried it; lots of nicely textured meepok sloushed in black vinegar and chilli which was really nice, while the ingredients, especially the dumplings, were really freshly made/prepared. Soup was good as well. If any grouse i'd rather the noodles be more al dente but it was still good.

Can't beat dinner though. We celebrated jeremy's birthday at Sin Huat Eating House, Lorong 35. This was the place KF Seetoh Makanguru brought Anthony Bourdain to when he came to Singapore, and my word did he love it. So today we decided to go there.
Now if anyone goes there I'd recommend they send someone early to go check it out because the wait was really long! We ordered the scallops (in garlic sauce), the kailan with oyster sauce, and the "piece de resistance", the famous Crab Bee Hoon which was featured in Bourdain's program, and in numerous food blogs all over.

We start with the rather lowly scallops (as compared to the crab bee hoon). First thing you notice was that the scallops were really fresh. They were taken just from the tanks, hence being live. These scallops were doused in a lovely black gooey garlic sauce which just begged to be slurped up, each drop of garlic; I did the honours. it was not bad really good. (8/10)

[This came like half an hour after we ordered]

Second dish was the kailan with oyster sauce; this was not bad as well, lots of good taste and the vegetables were very crisp. Garlic and ginger were really nice. I have a penchant for these sort of stuff. (7.5/10).

[another 20 minutes..another 20 minutes for...]

Piece de resistance: crab bee hoon arrived, just as we were wondering if they had forgotten us. Three large crabs came slathered with bee hoon covered in a yummy crab stock; The taste of the bee hoon was really fantastically outstanding. The bee hoon, being lovingly fried in the seafood stock with the crabs, really absorbed the intensity of flavour of the crab, with enough wok hei to keep things fragrant, and garnished with little hints of spring onion, garlic (i love the stuff), mushrooms and the wonderful crab roe that came out from these crabs. It was falling in love all over again with food; it is the high point of Singapore hawker food! No wonder they say 'die die must try', seriously, you;'d have to eat this at least once in your life.

The crabs themselves were probably the best crabs I've eaten; very very fresh, with lots of natural crab taste (some places the crabs don't have much taste, this one does) and done just right, not too tough but just cooked and nothing more. I loved the bee hoon and the crab, well worth the $30 bucks we paid each for the night.

In the end i was stil slurping the gravy with whatever bits of bee hoon that was left with my hands. Enough of forks and spoons!

Perfect score (>9.75/10)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Singapore Hawker Food

Granted, I'm not one of those who would travel to exotic places in Malaysia to get the most wonderful Penang Laksa or Ipoh Hor Fun, but the wonderful thing of Singapore is simply the ubiqutuous hawker centres, where you can get all sorts of varied assorted local dishes in one comfortable setting, complete with dessert, sugar cane, yum.

Anyway I used to travel across Singapore looking for good hawker food, and a few outstanding food centres stem to mind:

1. Maxwell Food Centre; i wish i still had the photos which i took of the best chicken rice in singapore, the anthony bourdain-certified Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice of Maxwell Road Food Centre. The rice was done to a delightful texture, each grain pristinely cooked in chicken stock. The chicken was tender and moist, showcasing the delicate, natural taste of the chicken; the chilli was to die for, nicely tangy and sour just the way I like it; plus the gizzards were smooth and chikenish. tian tian hainanese chicken rice, just the way i like it.
But maxwell also has other stalls; the porridge is particularly famous. there are two stalls, both are not too bad; also the ham chin peng is also reputedly quite famous since they allow you to fry yourselves the ham chin peng. i confess though that everytime i go to maxwell i eat chicken rice, so i'm not a very good judge! but it's worth it just for the chicken rice alone!

2. Ghim Moh Food Centre. Being a former Rafflesian studying in RJC (when it was still at ghim moh before relocating to Bishan) Ghim Moh brings back many memories of after-class outings to the veritable food centre. smelly, dirty, but still chock-ablock with great food.
Fried Kway Teow: my friend from rj swears by this; it's probably the most greasy char kway teow one can find, the uncle tosses in the pre-cooked kway teow, lots of nice hum, lapcheong, and alot alot of fried lard into a gooey mess with black sauce and chilli; cholestrol-inducing but so so delicious.
Beef / Fish Sliced Hor Fun: the purple plate stall sells good stuff, the sauce has the requisite amount of wok hei which lifts the common ingredients.
Jiu Jiang Shao La: my friend's (another friend's) favourite roasted duck stall; the roast duck skin is crispy and the meat succulent; get the drumstick, which promises little fat but with nice crisp skin; the roasted pork is salty enough and fatty enough for me and melts in your mouth; i don't really dig the char siew but it's still good.
Hock Soon Carrot Cake: not bad as well; order the black version which is really good. honestly.
Hainanese boneless chicken rice: by the corner, it features relatively smooth chicken drizzled with a sweetish sauce that makes all the difference; the rice still needs improvement though, sometimes the grains stick together, but the smoothness of the chicken makes this quite a good choice for chicken rice whenever you're at ghim moh.
Dessert stall: great; RJCians will still reemember the mango milk plus the usual ice-kachang and all the other traditional desserts.
Fish soup: i like fish soup and this one is nice and cheng.

3. Bukit Timah Food Centre
Bukit Timah Food Centre serves the neighbouring residents in bukit timah area, being the biggest food centre there;and it has a couple of great stalls which can compete with the stalls in other more famous markets.
a. Mien; this uncle really whips up a storm of pasta for you; he shakes the frying wok so hard and tosses the pasta up and across in order to seal in the flavour, and all for an affordable $3.50 (i think), for aglio olio, or caborana, or anything to your fancy. great stuff.
b. satay bee hoon; the sauce is chunky and tasty and there's always a long queue for satay beehoon aplete with cockles and cuttlefish.
c. fish porridge; very cheng (and gives you very fresh fish; you can choose the different typees of fish)
d. carrot cake; the name is called seng kee carrot cake if my memory serves me well; it's good, with enough chye poh and crispy on the outside whilst remaining soft inside.

4. Chomp Chomp.
Being a westerner i haven't really often had the chance to go to chomp chomp, but the satay beehoon is indeed classic; so are the carrot cake (corner shop), fried hokkien mee, sigh.

5. Newton
Everytime I go to newton i only eat 2 things. the fried hokkien mee and the oyster omelette. i'm sure everyone else has their favourite stingray stalls, but for me these 2 will do nicely. thye hong serves great hokkien mee which has the necessary noodles stir-fried in the prawn stock with the right hint of seafood flavour. the wisma branch is also great. with the chives adding a nice touch.
hup kee oyster omelette with another branch at glutton square also does the oyster omelette the way i like it, with the batter being nice and fresh, leaving a very nice texture that allows one to taste the texture of the tapioca flour, (it's not just eggs), and goes well with the fried oysters in the middle.

OKay enough of food!

but there are other gems, such as adam road hawker centre for the prawn noodles (noo cheng) which features a tasty but light stock served with the customary big prawns and pork ribs, as well as the nasi lemak which is indeed, admittedly, very fragrant (the rice) and the chicken wings are crispy and delicious.

or mei chin road which features the famous margaret drive chicken rice (sin kee) which moved over there, on the second floor. the ginger sauce is to die for, as well as the chilli. the chicken is nice and smooth and succulent.

hard to compare which you;d rather go for, tian tian or mei chin's version; i like tian tian's innards and chilli sauce and chicken, while mei chin's rice is nicely oily (i don't like it too individual, the rice) and the chicken is smooth as well;....wee nam kee is probably a distant third!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Da Paolo Pizza Bar

Went to Da Paolo Pizza Bar at Chip Bee Gardens, with a relative of the family that owns the outlet. Fantastic. My friend has shot photos, unfortunately I'll have to get her to upload it soon. I guess.

Nevermind, I'll try to describe.

We started off with Fried Calamari, which was I guess battered and fried to the right consistency while the squid was nice and chewy inside; the touch of lime was nice. At least it wasn't oily.

The Meatballs were wonderful though. The meat flavour really shone through, which was quite laudable. The least you'd expect from Da Paolo. Nice tangy tomato to wrap the flavours in.

Then our mains featured three Pizzas to be shared amongst five. The Pizza alla Fiorentina was first. The base was nicely crisp and just to the right texture, not too thick but giving enough to chew upon; on top was egg, and fresh spinach, as well as salami (if I'm not mistaken).....and it was nicely done, honestly. The blend of flavours was nice and like I said, the base was so flavourful u just wanted to eat more and more, ...oops, there goes the whole pizza.

The Pizza with Rocket Leaves and Parma Ham and Cheese was nicely done as well, the Arugula leaves providing a nice bitter contrast to the saltiness of the Parma Ham, while the parmesan cheese shavings wrapped it around nicely to give that tanginess. A good combination of bitter, salty and sour. They were fairly generous with the ingredients, and were of good quality too. Again that went down very fast.

Nothing could however beat the pizza with marscapone cheese and black truffles and mushrooms. The truffle oil / truffle shavings gave the pizza and incredibly buttery and musky flavour and aroma, which went brilliantly with the soft marscapone cheese. The little bits of mushroom were there not overpowering the flavour.... But just adding to the nice texture and the muskiness of it. This was more than exquisite, very much worth the $24 tag for the pizzas (the rest were $19).

Desserts were a little disappointing though...I had the varlhona chocolate cake but it was too cakey for me, I should have ordered the triple chocolate mousse.....i like it when you have warm chocolate oozing out from the middle (fondant), but this one only the fudge bits really tasted anything chocolatey enough for my was still good dark chocolate with the flavanoids of good dark chocolate, but that was really small, too small for $8!

Overall, a great pizza place! I tried my friend's lemon merengue and it went pretty nicely. Should've ordered that!

Mee Pok and Canele

I met a friend for lunch and I drove that friend to this wonderful Bak Chor Mee place at Crawford Lane. It's the famous, yes you guessed it, Tai Wah Pork Noodles (High Street). Comes in $4, $5 or $6 servings. Honestly, the first bite just felt heavenly. The meepok was cooked to a nice chewy texture al dente, not too soft as most hawkers do it, and mixed well with just the right amount of vinegar (not too sour, but enough vinegar to cut through the rest of the stuff). And it was generous, with lots of minced pork, liver, and even fried salted fish and of course, lard chips. With a nice porkish flavour and done just right. The soup had a nice porkish taste as well. All in all a good meal.=D

Probably, and safely say, the best meepok in Singapore, by far.


As from my post listings, Canele has probably the best desserts in Singapore, made by a pastry chef Pang who is the dessert anchor of Singapore teams participating in overseas culinary competitions. Canele has two outlets, one at Robertson Walk and the other at Paragon, while serving pastries to the Esprit Cafe in Centerpoint. The previous time I had really nice crepes, especially one with a Hazelnut Nougatine ice-cream that was simply heavenly. Another time I had the 'Le Royale', which I personally liked alot; simply well balanced with a wonderful hazelnut flavour and a nice crisp biscuit base. This time I went for the chocolate mousse, the Carafait, which was 60% chocolate; it worked quite well unfortunately was a bit warm after having left it in the box for too long. It was still super rich and with a nice chocolatey flavour that simply melted in your mouth. Worked well with the tub of Hazelnut Nougatine Ice-cream that I bought. That was the bomb. It was super rich and super creamy, with eggs added. The flavour--how do you describe such a magical flavour? -- let's just say a mix of burnt caramel (Creme brulee) with a rich toffee butterscotch depth and of course a hint of hazelnut, with little bits of caramel, presumably the nougatine, for that extra sweet oomph and fragrant little bites....simply a sugar lover's heaven. Exquisite. Words couldn't describe it. Anyway I'd finish the whole tub ($14.50) almost by myself, adding the pounds. Sigh. But then again don't waste good dessert.

At night we went to Uncle Leong's Seafood opposite the famous Melbern Seafood Restaurant at Ang Mo Kio St 22. That was a nice experience, the fourth time I've visited already; rich fragrant stock with crabs, as well as butter crab with cereal. Nothing much to shout about honestly, i guess i was already spoilt, but a good way to end the day.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Review: Corduroy and Finch

Jeremy took me for dinner at this place called Corduroy and Finch off Bukit Timah Road, which I'm sure many of u atas-peoples have already been to. Well, me, being not so fortunate, didn't really have the chance to eat here before, so we went along to this wonderful place where we ordered two desserts, a chocolate platter and a Creme Brulee.

The Creme Brulee was a little disappointing; I wasn't too happy with the mish-mash of sweet pineapple and tangy raspberry slathered all over my creme brulee; I feel creme brulee should be eaten only properly, that is, with eggs and nothing else; and no soury tangy rubbish to contaminate the flavourful richness of the eggs! But it wasn't bad. Jeremy liked it. I wasn't so keen. I'll probably give it (6/10).

The chocolate platter, however, was something althogether much more pleasant and appealing. It featured 5 different small items made with chocolate, a parfait, a raspberry chocolate mousse, a chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and chocolate pudding, all for $15. The parfait had a coffee aroma, but it was fashioned with a wonderful base which tasted of Ferrero Roche, albeit more classy and less artificial in taste; The ice-cream was smooth and wasn't so sweet, which was really nice; it didn't overpower you with chocolate which was good, it was a splendid pairing with the chocolate pudding which was my favourite. The chocolate pudding featured a molten centre, which was decadently bittersweet and luscious all the same time, with a nice rich aroma and tasted of good dark chocolate and eggs, which is what good puddings should have. It went well; the coldness of the ice-cream with the warm bitterness of the pudding. My favourite item.
The raspberry mousse also worked well; it was sweet with a tart aftertaste of raspberry, and it was good.

Good food. Totally worth a (9/10).

Ambience: 8/10 (I just love those pots and the 2-storey concept)
Food: 8/10 (just for dessert)
Service: 7/10 (the water wasn't very fast in coming, but everything was nice; at least they weren't intrusive).
Overall: 8/10 (good place to come for dessert, if a bit expensive.)

Welcome to the foodie in me

Welcome to the foodie in me, my very own little food blog in cyberspace! Seeing how all my friends have food blogs and how there's a foodie in me with a voracious appetite that I've been called names such as "bottomless pit", "little eight-month-old-baby" (referring to my figure not my personality), etc, I figured it was time to set up my own little food blog!~ As you know, food bloggers have to be very rich, because it's really expensive to go eat out everyday in singapore, unless you happen to be the expat of one doesn't get to enjoy such wonderfulties of life; so I guess readers have to be content with my humble postings!

Which is why, the first post of this blog would be about my favourite places to eat!

HERE's for the TOP 10 restaurants in Singapore [I have gone to]
1. Savoir, fine french cuisine; had a wonderfully gastronomic experience at this place once with 10 courses featuring foie gras with salad; a wonderfully done tomato consomme, and other lovely delights. Desserts by Bakersin. that was pretty awesome though it's been so long.

2. Bar & Billard Room - the buffet, I have to tell you, is fantastic; although it costs quite a whopping amount. Free flow of nicely pan-seared foie gras was the icing on the cake; eating mounds of those stuff was heart-attack-inducing but so sinfully rich and delectably luscious one couldn't help but continue; the bouillabaisse was nice and tangy and the meats were prepared well; the icing on the cake was the live band (it was a Sunday afternoon) which played jazz classics.

3. Au Petit Salut
Au Petit Salut serves the most homely French cuisine at ridiculously cheap prices; I've been here bout 5 times already and so far I've been really satisfied; they have a wonderfully done onglet beef topped up with caramelised onions (I tried to do this at home---failed badly), as well as delicious desserts such as a mocha souffle or a creme brulee; homely french food at its best for an incredibly cheap $22 for a set-lunch in moral days.

4. Pete's Place
I remembered having a wonderfully done Parmesan-crusted rack of lamb which I thought was an incredible idea. And the buffets are excellent.

5. Marmalade Pantry
This place is here solely on the virtues of its 'sticky-date-toffee-pudding' which I swear is one of a kind. It is basically a pudding as described above with vanilla bean ice cream; warm and rich and luscious and with a fragrant bittersweet aftertaste (I can't really describe it now) that goes perfectly with the vanilla bean ice cream. sweet!

6. The Aquamarine [buffet]

7. Shima (Goodwood Park Hotel) - Jap is good.

8. Noble Court

9. Min Jiang

10. Pasta Fresca

1. Canele Patiserrie
2. Marmalade Pantry
3. Corduroy and Finch [I shall review it in the next post]

I'm much better when it comes to hawker food, trust me! Okay saving that for another post!