Friday, April 20, 2007

Review: Corduroy and Finch

Jeremy took me for dinner at this place called Corduroy and Finch off Bukit Timah Road, which I'm sure many of u atas-peoples have already been to. Well, me, being not so fortunate, didn't really have the chance to eat here before, so we went along to this wonderful place where we ordered two desserts, a chocolate platter and a Creme Brulee.

The Creme Brulee was a little disappointing; I wasn't too happy with the mish-mash of sweet pineapple and tangy raspberry slathered all over my creme brulee; I feel creme brulee should be eaten only properly, that is, with eggs and nothing else; and no soury tangy rubbish to contaminate the flavourful richness of the eggs! But it wasn't bad. Jeremy liked it. I wasn't so keen. I'll probably give it (6/10).

The chocolate platter, however, was something althogether much more pleasant and appealing. It featured 5 different small items made with chocolate, a parfait, a raspberry chocolate mousse, a chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and chocolate pudding, all for $15. The parfait had a coffee aroma, but it was fashioned with a wonderful base which tasted of Ferrero Roche, albeit more classy and less artificial in taste; The ice-cream was smooth and wasn't so sweet, which was really nice; it didn't overpower you with chocolate which was good, it was a splendid pairing with the chocolate pudding which was my favourite. The chocolate pudding featured a molten centre, which was decadently bittersweet and luscious all the same time, with a nice rich aroma and tasted of good dark chocolate and eggs, which is what good puddings should have. It went well; the coldness of the ice-cream with the warm bitterness of the pudding. My favourite item.
The raspberry mousse also worked well; it was sweet with a tart aftertaste of raspberry, and it was good.

Good food. Totally worth a (9/10).

Ambience: 8/10 (I just love those pots and the 2-storey concept)
Food: 8/10 (just for dessert)
Service: 7/10 (the water wasn't very fast in coming, but everything was nice; at least they weren't intrusive).
Overall: 8/10 (good place to come for dessert, if a bit expensive.)


lyd said...

i went to C&F long time ago when it first opened but was really disappointed with the food.. so haven't been back since. maybe they decided to change the menu and up their standards! ok will check it out again soon since u gave it quite a high rating!

ceadsearc said...

that's only for dessert; jeremy says the main sucks and i'm inclined to believe him

deslucent said...

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