Friday, April 20, 2007

Welcome to the foodie in me

Welcome to the foodie in me, my very own little food blog in cyberspace! Seeing how all my friends have food blogs and how there's a foodie in me with a voracious appetite that I've been called names such as "bottomless pit", "little eight-month-old-baby" (referring to my figure not my personality), etc, I figured it was time to set up my own little food blog!~ As you know, food bloggers have to be very rich, because it's really expensive to go eat out everyday in singapore, unless you happen to be the expat of one doesn't get to enjoy such wonderfulties of life; so I guess readers have to be content with my humble postings!

Which is why, the first post of this blog would be about my favourite places to eat!

HERE's for the TOP 10 restaurants in Singapore [I have gone to]
1. Savoir, fine french cuisine; had a wonderfully gastronomic experience at this place once with 10 courses featuring foie gras with salad; a wonderfully done tomato consomme, and other lovely delights. Desserts by Bakersin. that was pretty awesome though it's been so long.

2. Bar & Billard Room - the buffet, I have to tell you, is fantastic; although it costs quite a whopping amount. Free flow of nicely pan-seared foie gras was the icing on the cake; eating mounds of those stuff was heart-attack-inducing but so sinfully rich and delectably luscious one couldn't help but continue; the bouillabaisse was nice and tangy and the meats were prepared well; the icing on the cake was the live band (it was a Sunday afternoon) which played jazz classics.

3. Au Petit Salut
Au Petit Salut serves the most homely French cuisine at ridiculously cheap prices; I've been here bout 5 times already and so far I've been really satisfied; they have a wonderfully done onglet beef topped up with caramelised onions (I tried to do this at home---failed badly), as well as delicious desserts such as a mocha souffle or a creme brulee; homely french food at its best for an incredibly cheap $22 for a set-lunch in moral days.

4. Pete's Place
I remembered having a wonderfully done Parmesan-crusted rack of lamb which I thought was an incredible idea. And the buffets are excellent.

5. Marmalade Pantry
This place is here solely on the virtues of its 'sticky-date-toffee-pudding' which I swear is one of a kind. It is basically a pudding as described above with vanilla bean ice cream; warm and rich and luscious and with a fragrant bittersweet aftertaste (I can't really describe it now) that goes perfectly with the vanilla bean ice cream. sweet!

6. The Aquamarine [buffet]

7. Shima (Goodwood Park Hotel) - Jap is good.

8. Noble Court

9. Min Jiang

10. Pasta Fresca

1. Canele Patiserrie
2. Marmalade Pantry
3. Corduroy and Finch [I shall review it in the next post]

I'm much better when it comes to hawker food, trust me! Okay saving that for another post!

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