Sunday, May 20, 2007

Da Paolo Pizza Bar

Went to Da Paolo Pizza Bar at Chip Bee Gardens, with a relative of the family that owns the outlet. Fantastic. My friend has shot photos, unfortunately I'll have to get her to upload it soon. I guess.

Nevermind, I'll try to describe.

We started off with Fried Calamari, which was I guess battered and fried to the right consistency while the squid was nice and chewy inside; the touch of lime was nice. At least it wasn't oily.

The Meatballs were wonderful though. The meat flavour really shone through, which was quite laudable. The least you'd expect from Da Paolo. Nice tangy tomato to wrap the flavours in.

Then our mains featured three Pizzas to be shared amongst five. The Pizza alla Fiorentina was first. The base was nicely crisp and just to the right texture, not too thick but giving enough to chew upon; on top was egg, and fresh spinach, as well as salami (if I'm not mistaken).....and it was nicely done, honestly. The blend of flavours was nice and like I said, the base was so flavourful u just wanted to eat more and more, ...oops, there goes the whole pizza.

The Pizza with Rocket Leaves and Parma Ham and Cheese was nicely done as well, the Arugula leaves providing a nice bitter contrast to the saltiness of the Parma Ham, while the parmesan cheese shavings wrapped it around nicely to give that tanginess. A good combination of bitter, salty and sour. They were fairly generous with the ingredients, and were of good quality too. Again that went down very fast.

Nothing could however beat the pizza with marscapone cheese and black truffles and mushrooms. The truffle oil / truffle shavings gave the pizza and incredibly buttery and musky flavour and aroma, which went brilliantly with the soft marscapone cheese. The little bits of mushroom were there not overpowering the flavour.... But just adding to the nice texture and the muskiness of it. This was more than exquisite, very much worth the $24 tag for the pizzas (the rest were $19).

Desserts were a little disappointing though...I had the varlhona chocolate cake but it was too cakey for me, I should have ordered the triple chocolate mousse.....i like it when you have warm chocolate oozing out from the middle (fondant), but this one only the fudge bits really tasted anything chocolatey enough for my was still good dark chocolate with the flavanoids of good dark chocolate, but that was really small, too small for $8!

Overall, a great pizza place! I tried my friend's lemon merengue and it went pretty nicely. Should've ordered that!

Mee Pok and Canele

I met a friend for lunch and I drove that friend to this wonderful Bak Chor Mee place at Crawford Lane. It's the famous, yes you guessed it, Tai Wah Pork Noodles (High Street). Comes in $4, $5 or $6 servings. Honestly, the first bite just felt heavenly. The meepok was cooked to a nice chewy texture al dente, not too soft as most hawkers do it, and mixed well with just the right amount of vinegar (not too sour, but enough vinegar to cut through the rest of the stuff). And it was generous, with lots of minced pork, liver, and even fried salted fish and of course, lard chips. With a nice porkish flavour and done just right. The soup had a nice porkish taste as well. All in all a good meal.=D

Probably, and safely say, the best meepok in Singapore, by far.


As from my post listings, Canele has probably the best desserts in Singapore, made by a pastry chef Pang who is the dessert anchor of Singapore teams participating in overseas culinary competitions. Canele has two outlets, one at Robertson Walk and the other at Paragon, while serving pastries to the Esprit Cafe in Centerpoint. The previous time I had really nice crepes, especially one with a Hazelnut Nougatine ice-cream that was simply heavenly. Another time I had the 'Le Royale', which I personally liked alot; simply well balanced with a wonderful hazelnut flavour and a nice crisp biscuit base. This time I went for the chocolate mousse, the Carafait, which was 60% chocolate; it worked quite well unfortunately was a bit warm after having left it in the box for too long. It was still super rich and with a nice chocolatey flavour that simply melted in your mouth. Worked well with the tub of Hazelnut Nougatine Ice-cream that I bought. That was the bomb. It was super rich and super creamy, with eggs added. The flavour--how do you describe such a magical flavour? -- let's just say a mix of burnt caramel (Creme brulee) with a rich toffee butterscotch depth and of course a hint of hazelnut, with little bits of caramel, presumably the nougatine, for that extra sweet oomph and fragrant little bites....simply a sugar lover's heaven. Exquisite. Words couldn't describe it. Anyway I'd finish the whole tub ($14.50) almost by myself, adding the pounds. Sigh. But then again don't waste good dessert.

At night we went to Uncle Leong's Seafood opposite the famous Melbern Seafood Restaurant at Ang Mo Kio St 22. That was a nice experience, the fourth time I've visited already; rich fragrant stock with crabs, as well as butter crab with cereal. Nothing much to shout about honestly, i guess i was already spoilt, but a good way to end the day.