Friday, June 22, 2007

Wonderful hawker food: Sin Huat Eating House

My word, today I was really spoilt for choice. We began our culinary journey at the famous Tai Wah Pork Noodle (Bak Chor Mee) at Crawford Lane which was much better than the other two times I've tried it; lots of nicely textured meepok sloushed in black vinegar and chilli which was really nice, while the ingredients, especially the dumplings, were really freshly made/prepared. Soup was good as well. If any grouse i'd rather the noodles be more al dente but it was still good.

Can't beat dinner though. We celebrated jeremy's birthday at Sin Huat Eating House, Lorong 35. This was the place KF Seetoh Makanguru brought Anthony Bourdain to when he came to Singapore, and my word did he love it. So today we decided to go there.
Now if anyone goes there I'd recommend they send someone early to go check it out because the wait was really long! We ordered the scallops (in garlic sauce), the kailan with oyster sauce, and the "piece de resistance", the famous Crab Bee Hoon which was featured in Bourdain's program, and in numerous food blogs all over.

We start with the rather lowly scallops (as compared to the crab bee hoon). First thing you notice was that the scallops were really fresh. They were taken just from the tanks, hence being live. These scallops were doused in a lovely black gooey garlic sauce which just begged to be slurped up, each drop of garlic; I did the honours. it was not bad really good. (8/10)

[This came like half an hour after we ordered]

Second dish was the kailan with oyster sauce; this was not bad as well, lots of good taste and the vegetables were very crisp. Garlic and ginger were really nice. I have a penchant for these sort of stuff. (7.5/10).

[another 20 minutes..another 20 minutes for...]

Piece de resistance: crab bee hoon arrived, just as we were wondering if they had forgotten us. Three large crabs came slathered with bee hoon covered in a yummy crab stock; The taste of the bee hoon was really fantastically outstanding. The bee hoon, being lovingly fried in the seafood stock with the crabs, really absorbed the intensity of flavour of the crab, with enough wok hei to keep things fragrant, and garnished with little hints of spring onion, garlic (i love the stuff), mushrooms and the wonderful crab roe that came out from these crabs. It was falling in love all over again with food; it is the high point of Singapore hawker food! No wonder they say 'die die must try', seriously, you;'d have to eat this at least once in your life.

The crabs themselves were probably the best crabs I've eaten; very very fresh, with lots of natural crab taste (some places the crabs don't have much taste, this one does) and done just right, not too tough but just cooked and nothing more. I loved the bee hoon and the crab, well worth the $30 bucks we paid each for the night.

In the end i was stil slurping the gravy with whatever bits of bee hoon that was left with my hands. Enough of forks and spoons!

Perfect score (>9.75/10)

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