Friday, November 9, 2007

Aston's specialties

I can still savour the flavour of that beef; you know, the satisfaction of having nice juicy beef is really quite unparalled; it really gives you that 'oomph' and that richness and that savoury quality that you just can't resist; and you don't want to dilute that flavour with anything else (aka you don't want to eat anything else...) you just want to let the flavour remain in your system as long as possible.

We went to Aston's Specialties opposite katong mall and there was already a long queue- the food must be good right? no kidding. and the prices were damn reasonable, like 12 bucks for a ribeye or 15 for the bigger portion. including side dishes. the soup was like 2.50. so what's there not to like?

we sat down, ordered; the mushroom soup arrived. it wasn't that bad, didn't seem like it was out from a can; it had nice little mushroomy slices and onion slices in a cream soup. okay. not too bad.

then the steak came. i ordered the 'extra large portion' ribeye, prime ribeye, medium rare; ...wait, let's taste the sides; the fries were albeit cold but really nice and savoury from al the paprika they put in (and the msg); the baked potato was nothing much to shout about but it was really fresh, could taste the potato taste; but the beef, OOOH, was really carnivore's heaven; carnivore's bliss; it was grilled to a perfection with all the criss cross lines, and the insides a lovely reddish pink; each bite was slightly charred on the outside for that grilled flavour, while succulent, juicy, tender, and with that beefy flavour..... ooh that beefy flavour is really out of this world.....really good beef....every morsel contained so much beefy flavour and beefy juice that was just oozing out of my mouth...yumm yum....

and the best part of the steak was the parts where the fat had combined with the charred outside to form a lovely contrast; the silky smooth richness of fat and the grilled flavour of the beef was a wonderfrul combination that can't be beaten, especially for that price! sublime fat.....ooh.....the doctor calls...but yeah, it was great man....yummy yum yum.

aston's specialtes; everyone has blogged about it before, but it is really a place worth of its accolades, a place selling great steak at a great price.

now for that foie gras....

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