Friday, December 28, 2007

And of wines

I love my wines. Seriously. Because it's amazing how grapes can produce such complex flavours. When God turned water into wine and the host said this was the best wine he'd ever drunk (or something to that effect), it highlighted how great a culinary delight wine is as a gift from God to man. wines are a thing to behold.

of course, it's really expensive also. but then again, nothing really good is ever cheap, isn't it. so here are some wines that i have really really enjoyed over the years.

5. Australian Shiraz
Australia has always been known for their shiraz, as the hot climate of the barossa valley allows these wines to be really bombastic and huge, developing complexity of flavour in a massive way. these are big wines, showing off spicy flavours and having usually long finishes - most australian shirazs usually never fail me.

4. German Riesling
German riesling is light and refreshing, boasting lime and citrus notes and flavours while keeping everything clean with acidity. tried some lovely examples at wine company.

3. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is a revelation - very refreshing with lots of acidity, it zips around your mouth with its intense gooseberry flavours, of freshly cut grass. there have been many great examples of new zealand sauvignon blanc, for example, the venerable cloudy bay, the founder of it all. tahuma's example wasn't too bad, nice and grassy, but the most delicious example this year was perhaps dog point sauvignon blanc 2007 - very fruity while refreshingly fresh with lots of acidity, well rounded.

2. Pinot Noir from New Zealand
Yup, I'm a fan of new zealand wine, because there's just so much there that is delicious and pinot noir is one of them. i just love pinot noir, but most of the time it's really bad, and when it's good it's really expensive, like the first growths or second growths from burgundy. so new zealand pinot noir just does it right. it is a more lush style as compared to burgundy, with more ripe fruit, and being less restrained. seifried's pinot noir was wonderful, with lots of ripe cherry notes and aromas and a soft finish.

1. Sauternes
It just has to be sauternes - the king (or queen) of all wines. forget ice wines. these dessert wines boast so much complexity of flavour while remaining so lusciously sweet and delicious that it begs you to fall in love with it. of course i've never tried a y'quiem, but had the pleasure of trying many not-so-bad examples - chateau de guiraud was a fine example, as well as the one i had on my 21st birthday, although i really cannot remember the name now. those wines boast nectar-like scents of honey, peach, lime, and taste of honey, peach and more fruit, while being balanced with lots of acidity to prevent it from being too cloying. great. get a sauternes anyday.

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