Friday, December 28, 2007

Maxwell, Boon Tong Kee, Bak Kut Teh

Went to maxwell road two times this hols, just to try the food there.
On another note, i shall be putting ratings, upon 10, ieatishootipost style, for food, on several factors, just to give you an indication on how they compare with each other.

brought sam to zhen zhen porridge, which had a surprisingly short queue. ordered century egg porridge with chicken. my word it was ALOT of century egg, the whole bowl was chockful of the black stuff. the porridge had a lovely velvety texture, very soft and smooth. only thing lacking was a bit of taste - it wasn't salty enough, and perhaps i shoukd've aded some soy sauce - a bit bland it was. still not too bad.
taste: 7.5/10
value: 8.5/10 (alot of century egg)
pros: value for money
cons: the queue is really long esp at lunchtime

then i went back to eat tian tian hainanese chicken rice again. this time ordered $3 plate, with some innards. still passed the chicken rice test though. the rice was firm and full-grained, albeit a bit oily, coated with chicken goodness. the chicken was very tasty, and very tender, and very good - ummmmm yummily delicious - the chilli sauce had a nice tangy kick with the inclusion of the lime juice in it - it was a good plate of chicken rice, still probably the best in singapore. only gripe i had was that it was probably a bit oily (the sauce slathered over it).

taste: 9/10
value: 8.5/10
pros: probably the best chicken rice you can find
cons: a bit oily

Boon Tong Kee

went to boon tong kee at balestier road to satisfy my chicken rice cravings with jeremy - and it was good, really good. didn't expect boon tong kee to have such good chicken rice since usually the times u eat at bukit timah market was just passable fare - but the original branch at balestier road was absolutely good - the chicken was tender and succulent and tasty, coated in a soy-based sauce, although it was a bit fatty undoubtedly - the side dishes were great - we ordered spinach cooked with century egg and salted egg and that was really nice, plus the deep fried beancurd was consistent and lightly crisp.
the rice wasnt too bad also.
probably the best boon tong kee - i still prefer tian tian but this is as close as it gets.

Chicken rice:
chicken: 8/10
rice: 7/10

side dishes:
century egg spinach: 7.5/10
beancurd: 7/10

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh, Old Havelock Road

the quest for the best bak kut teh in singapore continues - we've reviewed founders, and now it's time to review Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh which is at Old Havelock Road. Old Havelock Road is just a drive down from Zouk - see the street directory at for more information. And it was very very good, probably better than Founders. It wasn't too crowded coz it was late at night - the soup was not so peppery as Founders, probably more garlicky though, and infused with nice pork essence - probably more porkish than Founder's - however what it failed to deliver was the meat - it was too tough, as compared to the more-easy-to-digest founder's bak kut teh. but still, worth going to. and definitely a good place to go for bak kut teh.

and the side dishes were fantastic as well. the salted vegetables had only the slightest hint of saltiness and i could keep eating it forever and ever.

bak kut teh:
taste: 8/10
pros: great tasting soup
cons: not so tender meat

vegetables: 7/10

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