Friday, December 7, 2007


I've been spoilt for good food after the examinations, but seriously!

On Monday after the examinations i was at Crystal Jade Kitchen at Holland V for roast duck with shrimp dumpling noodle - not bad, good texture (the noodles) - very QQ, sauce was nice, oyster sauce; duck was a bit shabby though. oh well.
Tuesday was a bit uneventful=p
Wednesday went to Bukit Timah Market - had Happy Wantan Noodles, which were quite nice - the uncle would drip the whole noodles in hot water and then in cold water and back and forth - pretty interesting - to get the texture which was not bad. the wantans were not much to shout at though, at least there were alot of vegetables.
The carrot cake was really nice - nice and fluffy and with the salty chai poh bits and lots of egg. still good.

On Thursday our trial advocacy tutor brought us to this place for drinks and food - The Moomba at Circular Quay - usually known for Australian cuisine - but here we tasted two fine wines, a Chenin Blanc and a Barossa Valley Shiraz. The Chenin Blanc was nice and limey with a refreshing scent inbetween a sauvignon blanc and a chardonnay - quite fruity, peach? The Shiraz was apparently 94 points from robert parker - but it was nicely done - very nice bouquet of red fruit, with even hints of pepper and some spicy notes - with a long finish. good stuff.
the food was great - we had teriyaki chicken which was coated with an amazing sauce - fried chicken wings which were nice and crispy and great - lamb was fantastic - very flavourful with nice potatoes - portabello mushrooms, nice and smoky with an intensity of flavour - bruschetta were quite ordinary but okay, fresh - three salads; fig with blue cheese was really nice since the rocket was lined with a bit of sea salt that helped to keep things interesting; the caesar was quite ordinary, i thought.
but overall a great meal at moomba - thanks mr ong (for treating us) - hope you enjoy yourself also!

so i just came back from dinner (and mj) - went to sushi tei at holland village (where incidentally i met an old friend, oh well, just finished her exams it seems) - the food was really excellent coz i guess we decided to spend some money. haha. it was really all sashimi. i had the mini salmon don which was nothign much to shout about - but then on came aburi salmon belly (torched) - which was nice and delicately flavoured with a nice soft texture that melted in your mouth ; tuna sashimi wasn't that good but that's just tuna - yellowtail sashimi was brilliant, nice firm texture with a nice hint of fishiness - salmon sashimi was okay as well, just the usual salmon taste; the piece de resistance, the creme de la creme, though, was the otoro sashimi that we ordered, 5 slices for $20! but they were really thick slices, and each slice had like 5 or 6 diferent 'flakes' and was really thick; but oohh when you just put that otoro sashimi in your mouth it explodes as a taste sensation; it was delicate, so softly textured, yet with a long finish that just exploded in your mouth, and lingered on and on and on - till it never ends - a delicate flavour of fresh tuna belly is something very hard to describe, really - if you try you will know what it's like - just made me go Oooohh, now that's really something - now that's a slice of heaven for you =) i am a satisfied man=)
tuna belly is the works, please do try.

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