Monday, March 17, 2008

Conrad brasserie

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Haven't updated for a long time;
Here are some great places:

Oscar's Brasserie - Conrad Hotel; Best buffet dinner in a long time. Heres' the review i posted for

was at oscar's today for buffet dinner, and my, was it good. I was at greenhouse the other day, and while the ambience at greenhouse (The Ritz) with its band performing all sorts of music was better, the food at Oscar's definitely wins hands down.

The problem with buffets is that usually the cooked food portion of the buffet is really kind-of lousy compared to ordering it ala-carte in restaurants, naturally, because they don't cook it fresh, and besides no one actually goes to the buffet to eat the hot stuff - read most of the time it's the oysters and the sashimi that get devoured. but oscar's really impressed me.

Let's go through the courses:
Oysters: they were freshly shucked before serving, which means that nothing is left out in the open before it reaches your plate - which means, extremely fresh oysters, needing only a dash of lemon (tabasco, optional) to bring up the salty sea flavours.
Sashimi: quite a wide variety; tuna, salmon, yellowtail, squid, whelk, plus sushi of all sorts; what was really nice was the availability of salmon belly which is something you don't usually find at buffets - but it was rather heavenly.
The prawns, mussels, crayfish, were fresh - but nothing to shout about.

Main Courses:

Noodle Bar: there was a noodle bar serving noodles - what else - with a choice of bak kut teh, laksa, wantan noodles prawn noodles etc; i had the laksa which had a deliciously rich lemak gravy with lots of haybeehiam - and a large prawn, hoho - it was great. good stuff, absolutely.

Asian food:
Good variety; the venison was tender; the stir-fried prawns were fresh and fragrant; the sliced fish was tender enough i suppose.

Western food:
Cod fish was succulent and flavourful and soft; dressing was nice;
Rack of lamb was alright - a bit hard though;
Duck - okay
Salmon with miso - wonderful; just a nice tinge of miso.

Had the cheese platter which was nice ; they had lots of Brie, camembert; etc

Waffle station - freshly made waffles with ice-cream was a highlight since the waffles were really fresh and the ice-cream (from movenpick) complemented it well;
the bananas glazed were great as well; with orange liqueur and ice cream.
chocolate hazelnut gateau was nicely rich - should have been more choclatey tho;
tiramisu was alright.

a great meal.

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