Monday, March 17, 2008

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Went to Old Airport Road the other day to try the food; wanted to try the Nam Xing Hokkien Mee;
okay. you know alot of bloggers have lauded this as the best hokkien mee in town; there was even a TV team filming the stall; so i went in there with super high expectations. however, the food was kind-of a let down. firstly, the portion was really small, for $5 bucks it was a really small plate. secondly, the taste was rather bland; there was no real seafood taste; the taste was rather too subtle for me; it was a nice vegetable oil taste tho, what i liked about it was that it left a nice aftertaste that still remained long ago; not an oily, greasy one that you sometimes feel; not jelak, in that sense.

But then i went to To-Co-Ricos Kway Chap (Blanco Court) at Old Airport Road as well, which was really brilliant. the insides were stewed to a nice soft consistency, with a nice braised soy sauce taste that really was rather authentic and old, unlike some kway chaps which are really "new world" - the kway chap was nice too. could still taste the inner parts which was really nice.
best kway chap in a while.

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