Monday, March 17, 2008


Went to Relish today with wenen, who had just got back from NYU, for easter break.
Relish was great;
the atmosphere was lively and cheery - pastel whites; smooth pine tables and high chairs; big transparent glass windows to let in the sun; rthe menu was painted nicely on the side; with yellow patselled walls with interesting designs.

i had the wild rocket burger - which was great. it was a bit too small, unroftunately; the beef was nice and tasty, rather juicy- infused with onion; but it wasn't too beefty (could have been more beefy) - still it was nice. what really helped was the sun-dried tomato relish which added a lot of zest to it, and contrasted nicely with the richness of the beef; the bread was nice, and the wild rockets added a nice tinge;
the texture, though, was perfect - nice chewy texture; relatively tasty beef; probbably second to marmalade pantry's ultimate beef burger; okay, maybe as good as brewerkz's bistro burger. (which i shall deal with another time)

the fries were great; flavourful, and with the right amount of salt and pepper;

wen en had a nice beer - pink killer, which was great - zesty with grapefruit taste while retaining the hops and malt of beer.


Anonymous said...

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brad said...


Nice! u need to post pictures, even though the descriptions are the main thing, but pictures really helps a lot!

i went to relish a couple weeks ago too. jus post my review on it

brad, ladyironchef