Saturday, April 19, 2008

Brussel Sprouts; Curry Favor, Canele, J-Co, and Ricoletti

Went to Brussel Sprouts today because it was just like a birthday dinner kinda thing - and an occassion and excuse to eat really good food. So where else but brussel sprouts? went with the law mates during the hols and was still dreaming of the ever-delicious food ever since. So there.
We went there, it was bright and cheery; still the usual yellow pastels on the walls; high bar-chairs - and a really friendly waitress to boot. haha. So we settled down and started ordering;
Mum and I shared a steak frites, done medium rare, and a duck confit; sister had some parma thing; dad had cod, while brother had some more steak frites also done medium rare; and we shared mussels in white wine with free-flow fries; I had a Gulden Draak beer as well, to boot.

The food had not arrived, but then the beer came. And boy, the beer was excellent. It was really full-bodied with a strong taste of alcohol, but it was really fragrant, with a sweet aftertaste and it was really just pleasant. Apparently in Wikipedia it was voted the best tasting beer by the american beer institute - see, i did my research!

The food came - the mussels came out with the free flow of frites - the fries were crisp and nice (but a bit big, prefer mine a bit softer) - while the mussels were really really fresh - very sweet and succulent - while the stock was quite tasty - though i would have preferred it thicker so that it didn't keep slipping off - should ahve ordered cream instead. still it was great. good food.

The Steak Frites was again, a thing of beauty, in terms of taste. simply done, but the beef was very very flavourful; it was done the way i like it - crisp and charred on the outside with the grilled marks, but nicely pink inside, with the first bite of smoky crispy charred outsides giving way to beefy juices inside that just oozed out - with that "beefy" flavour that u really cant describe - it's just, well, very nicely beefy - and tender too - just the way steak has to be done.

Incidentally enough, and this was posted on my main blog - the food actually tasted not as good as expected - as though my taste buds were desensitised -but then i prayed, and began to see the food as God's creation - and how God made everything - and He made everything good "and God saw that it was good" - and suddenly everything tasted beautiful! - taken from my blog entry - "the food suddenly tasted remarkably incredible; the duck confit had so much so much flavour and was really ducky; the mussels and the sauce really tatsed like it used to be; and even the beef had this beefiness and tastiness; ohhh; it was really like in heaven; it was really like in paradise - it was really like so cool and foodasmic (pardon the pun). Was reminded of the LORD JESUS turning water into wine - and then everyone saying this was the best cup of them all - hey, what's there not to love about such a loving and great God?"

Back to the food - the duck confit was really delicious also; it was really "ducky", so to speak, aka it had a wonderfully crisp skin (as in the confit) which was really sublime as the fat and the skin melted in your mouth bringing you shivers of delight - (fat really tastes good, sometimes) - really shivers of delight - as the fat and the skin really just melted with each other -w hile the duck meat itself was very gamey and ducky and rich and flavourful also - and it was nicely balanced by the kriek cherry beer sauce which was thickened to provide a delightful counterpoint to cut through the richness of the meat. awesome.

Managed to get some macarons from Canele as well to round off the dinner. yummy.

cant wait to go back again.

Curry Favour, Canele, J-CO, Ricoletti

We went to Curry Favour at stanford road to celebrate jenny's birthday - and it was not too bad. had the pork katsu - the pork katsu curry was a thing of beauty - the curry poured upon was rich and soft and rather flavourful - almost like a bisque - wish it oculd be hotter tho - and the pork was really nice and crisp;

And before that I got Jenny a macaron from canele - the rose one, while having one for myself - and boy oh boy was that thing absolutely tasty and delicious and charming - absolutely charming - the macaron was lightly scented with rose - while the filling was very fragrant, sweet, and scented with rose petals, and light at the same time.

So after curry favour we went to j-co to get some donuts; i love j-co donuts, especially the original glazed and the al-capone; the al-capone has a nice crunch due to the almonds and the white chocolate within - while the original is nice and light.

And after that then we went to ricoletti for desserts - half price after 9 - and that place was awesome, by the sea, and moreover, very cheap. 3 bucks for dessert - what else can u ask for. had the lemoncino which was realy nice - because it was sweet, tart, and had the natural lemon fragrance and taste (not artificial as with some places) - while the soffiato was usually great anyway!