Thursday, May 15, 2008

Canele Patisserie

Canele Patisserie is a brilliant dessert shop founded by pastry chef Pang Kok Keong and run by the Les Amis group. It sells skilfully crafted pastries/cakes and macarons and chocolates and everything desserty, such as crepes. usually when i drop by (and actually i have been frequenting this alot of times) i always get myself a rose macaron, because their rose macarons are a thing of beauty and art. The flavour of rose (yes it's a rose macaron) is always so intense, so beautiful, so romantic, a thing of art and beauty, sweet yet elegant and not too cloying - it just goes down your throat and u go "ooooohhh now that's wonderful" - like heaven - and the biscuits are really quite well-done, texture is not too hard ; okay okay enough gushing about the macarons, let's talk about what I had today.

I had the Nougatine Crepe, which is one of their specialities. It comes with nutella inside the crepe, vanialla cream chantilly, served with nougatine ice-cream. and it is really very very sinful but very very delicious and sweet. the nutella inside the crepe gives the crepe a very "chocolate" kind of flavour, but when you pair it with the nougatine ice-cream, it becomes rather divine, because the hazelnut chocolate is suddenly balanced by a very caramel/toffee nougatine ice-cream which elevates the flavours of the hazelnut; and the thing about eating a crepe is that it's full of variety - you've got so many things oin the plate (see the picture) you can just keep on choosing the different things you want to eat - and eat it in different combinations - the crispy things are a joy to eat - sweet and crisp - and really the nougatine ice cream is one of the best in town if you like sweet things. Nougatine crepe: 8.5/10.
Ohh i cant wait to try their new 2008 collection, coz they have new cakes. hehs.

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