Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fish and Co; Mr Tea

Exams were over, so we trooped down to Fish and Co at Wheelock!
Usually fish-and-co is a pretty run-of-the-mill place, good for just usual eats, somewhat like olio or cafe-cartel, usually dependable, but don't expect WOW food; but usualyl when i go there im never disappointed, maybe because there is this trusty minced garlic for me to smother my food with. and some nice sauces.

So I had the seafood platter for 2 - shared with a friend. The fries were absolutely lovely; crisp on
the outside with a butteriness inside and
[seafood platter for 2] salty-enough; the fish was a bit muddy, nothing much to shout at; the mussels were alright but good with the garlic; prawns were very good - fresh and tasty with a nice herbal butter seasoning that went well and didn't overpower the flavour - the nicest part was the calamari - went extremely well with the sauce it was cooked in - and was tender, succulent, and very tasty. could eat a hell lot of that.

Everyone else ordered different things - my friend complained how stingy his cheese was in his new york fish and chips; oh well. i guess - one buck (to upgrade it from the usual fish and chips) can't do wonders huh.

Oh! and the calamari was very nice! very crisp, and with nice batter; while the calamari was nice and fat and tender; hmms. if only they had some of brewerkz's special sauce though!

I have always loved Mr Tea; ever since i tried the iced tea halia (iced ginger tea) i have been hooked. It's now my poison - it's wonderful; the tea is very creamy and milky (read: sweet) while the ginger scent is so strong and powerful and spicy that it really lifts the tea up and creates a brilliant contrast to the richness and sweetness of the tea, cutting through with its spicy notes. The after-taste is brilliant as well! - it just lingers in your mouth for super long.
Should go try! definitely!

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