Thursday, May 15, 2008

Old Airport Road FC

Jeremy and I went to Old Airport Road FC for lunch yesterday - (make that two days ago) - and it's a place that I always have HUGE expectations for. YOu see, Old Airport Road FC is a makan institution, a gourmet haven; it's a place where there are so many wonderful stalls to eat from, so many all featured in Makansutra, ieat's blog, etc, whatever not, that it is such a pleasure and an exciting time for a foodie like me to go there and savour all the delicious food. yeah, and that's like, old airport road's on par with a place like maxwell fc - but that's to be discussed another time.
seriously; there are so many stalls; there is the: lao fu zi char kway teow, nam xing hokkien mee reputed to be the best in town even though i'd politely disagree, the xin mei xiang lor mee, toa payoh rojak, three very good wantan mees (kallang wantan mee, cho kee, hua kee), a good kway chap in blanco court to-ricos, western barbeque, whitley road prawn noodles, among others. i can't remember already. oh yeah. chuan kee satay. see what i'm talking about.

So that day because the lor mee was closed, i decided to have the kway chap again. i'm always very fond of kway chap, there's seomthing very comforting about eating sheets of rice noodles in a hot broth with pigs innards and tau pok and egg, and this one was quite good. To-Ricos kway chap. quite good. actually the last time i came i also ate this, but this one was a bit of a let-down coz i remembered the previous time it was really good. this time it wasn't so good but still not bad. the kway was smooth. the pig's innards were stewed nicely. No smell, quite soft and tender; but at least the innards still have taste - smoe places the taste is all gone - there was still the taste of the innards and the soy sauce that it was braised in was good and gave it some taste. okay. can't complain. still not bad.
Kway Chap: 7/10

I have heard very good things about the Toa Payoh Rojak in Old Airport Road FC so today I decided to give it a go. I had to queue up - there was an electronic queue number system - so you just go there to collect your food when it's ready - but boy was it worth the wait. It's the best rojak I've ever tasted and it really converted me to Rojak! First the ingredients were really fresh. The fruits and vegetables were whole, and very sweet, juicy, and nice; The you char kway (you tiao) was freshly toasted (apparently) and that was quite evident from the way it was crisp and not soggy; Thirdly the hae ko (prawn paste) was very good, very fragrant and pungent and savoury and prawnish and went very well with the chilli that they mix it with and the ground peanuts which when mixed together gave it a very balanced mix of flavours - the sweetness of the fruit coupled with the texture of the you tiao with the pungent flavours of the hae ko and the heat of the chilli - wow. brilliant. perfect rojak. Pungent, sweet, spicy, savoury, sambal. wonderful.
Rojak: 9.5/10

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