Saturday, May 3, 2008

Relish; Ya Kwang DPD

It was my birthday, so a few of us trooped to Relish, because I still had exams; and my school (NUS) is pretty nearby Relish, so it makes for easy travelling - and to go back to study afterwards. I had already blogged about Relish before this, so it made sense just to try something else.

So I tried the "Bacon and cheese" burger, which was pretty good. The bacon and cheese added a nice tasty contrast to the beef and it was nice and greasy. and more substantial. that's the way i like my burgers - greasy - especially with lots of bacon and cheese and onion - the western style; still i shared half of it with my friend in exchange for his wild rocket burger, and believe me, the wild rocket burger still wins hands down - it was so tasty - it is the "Relish" that really lifted the burger - the Relish of tomato and other special ingredients (read: what ingredients>?) really accentuated and complemented the flavour of the beef, balancing the richness with its tanginess - to one of my favourite burgers in Singapore. still a commendable job. the fries were still as good. 7.5/10 for bacon and cheese; 8/10 for wild rocket burger.

Ya Kwang Dai Pai Dong
Lorong 37 Geylang

Ya Kwang (for short) is one of those zi-cha places that anyone who has ever stumbled upon ieat's blog would instantly recognise, for it's one of his favourite places being friends with the chef. well so i brought my friend there for antoher birthday dinner (yes i have had 3 in all) while in the midst of studying for my exams (so sad - but that's another story), just to try the food. the penang kway teow came first, and myword it was a good plate! it was not too oily or greasy, which was really commendable; had a very nice wok hei to it that really lifts the flavours while the noodles were smooth and the ingredients generous, all for $4. (8/10);

then we had the crab with korean tang hoon; this was a masterpiece. the korean tang hoon which was thicker and with a more elastic texture really soaked up all the flavours of the wonderful stock, which the crab was braised in - which to my tastebuds contained lots of spring onions, ginger, hua-tiao wine, oyster sauce? and of course the crab essence - etc etc; it was so delicious you could just finish every drop of it; you must try - i'm a bit tired now to describe it to you - but it was something to behold. the crab was nothing much - but the noodles were great. (8.5/10) - should go back and eat some more. and guess what, the week after the review of crab bee hoon came up in the papers - and ya kwang's crab tang hoon, the very one i had ate, was on the list! moreover the owner jason gave ST-food the recipe! and yes it did contain hua tiao jiu, ginger, and whatever nonsense! oh and i realised there's the addition of japanese sauces also; no wonder it tatsed that good.


now off to sin huat for crab bee hoon - stay tuned for the post!

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