Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Waraku at Central; Chocolate Factory

Went to waraku with a friend at Central, the first time I'm eating from that shopping mall at clarke quay. and wow, it was nice - there are really ALOT of japanese restaurants there, probably the biggest concentration in singapore, and featuring such interesting choices such as ramen santouka (the chain from hokkaido), sho-u, waraku, pasta waraku, amongst others. so we went to waraku, presumably because it offered us nice affordable food at affordable prices (sho-u, next time perhaps).
my friend ordered the scallops with pasta (or something) which was not bad, in cream sauce; the scallops were really fresh and tasty and a bit chewy, but big, while the pasta was really quite delectable with the cream sauce.
for myself i ordered the lunch set featuring cha soba (cold noodles) and this funny fish with vinegered rice - but not really chirashi don, as i was hoping, since the tuna was minced almost into cubes (still raw - maguro) and scatttered ontop of yam. the only redeeming factor was the lovely salmon roe (ikura) that came with it - and that was yum, even with rice. the cha soba, on the other hand, was one of the best cha sobas i've eaten - and that says alot, considering i eat alot of cha-soba - it had a nice texture, was al-dente while not being too hard, smooth, and moreover the sauce had a very nice soy sauce fragrance with it being salty enough (not bland) and went very well with everything. salmon on the side was a nice touch as well - oooh i love raw fish. the next time i come back here though i'm not going to eat the funny yam thing anymore, haha.

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