Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brown Sugar

Had dinner with jeremy and yanying today at brown sugar. Actually i've been wanting to come to this place alot of times already but they were either closed, or not open, or we came too late, or what; so this time we were very fortunate to have reserved the place, for once. and so we came to brown sugar to try out what this place which had won so many accolades could offer our tastebuds in our culinary journey to find good food in Singapore.

They offered us first bread with olive oil again; a good sign - means that there's certain standrad - i lapped it all up, asked for more bread , and for more olive oil. heh.

So what did we order? Basically we ordered their specialty, which was the Wagyu Hand-chopped burger. Now, i have to declare - THIS IS THE BEST BURGER IN SINGAPORE - BY FAR. nothing comes close. WHY? Because it uses very very good beef - this is wagyu beef, and the difference is extremely noticeable. the flavour is delicate, rich, and yet with a certain beefiness that is not extremely in-your-face beefiness but more delicate and feminine, perhaps; whiel because it is hand-chopped it is not too fine, so you can see the beef strands which lends a certain chewy chopped texture to it, meaning you could savour the beef more since the beef strands have more texture and give more surface area than compared to just chopped beef. but the flavour was excellent, seriously - i cant really describe it because words fail me and sometimes my memory fails me - all i remember was that, it was very very good. and what was also good was the truffle mushroom sauce they had on the top of the thing - it combined really well with the natural juices of the beef, so much so that eating the bun by itself soaked in all those juices became such a wonderful treat, with the OOHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMM flavours of the truffle sauce all soaked in that lightly toasted bun, hence allowing you to savour all of it with the bun, which is extremely tasty. the fries were also good, fried to a crisp and very uniform; however, it could have been a bit more salty. haha.
but it was really good; no this is the best burger by far in singapore!
Wagyu Burger: 9/10

On to desserts: we shared the Tarte Tatin and the Sticky Date Toffee Pudding. Okay. This place also serves the Best sticky date toffee pudding in Singapore! it was very very well done. extremely delicious with very nice texture and just the rough hints of toffee and sticky date all drenched in a nice caramel sauce. bagus: 8.5/10

the tarte tatin was good too! very crisp along the edges and with nice cooked apples inside.

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