Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Hawker Food (1) Jiu-jiang, ghim moh

It's been ages since my last post - and boy have i been to so many places it's almost criminal; food is a Singaporean hobby - ask almost anyone and what we always speak of is food - we argue over it, critique it, go and visit it - and find it so ingrained in our heritage that it's just a part of us Singaporeans. because boy are we blessed, with so much food around us, being so cheap, and of such high quality from all price ranges that, it is such a blessing not to indulge.

So i shall go by chronological order.

First up, jeremy and I went to Ghim Moh and had "Jiu Jiang"; when we speak of duck places in the west this one obviously springs to mind, because it's one of the few very famous ones (aka makansutra rated, etc) of the roasted variety. and moreover jiu jiang brings back nostalgic memories having been from the old market opposite our old school (rjc).

So how was the duck? It was not bad - we ordered the drumstick, but frankly the skin could have been crisper and the meat more flavourful; next time i shall order the breast; even though alot of my friends are converts of jiu jiang, i'm still not that big a fan.

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