Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hong Lim FC

There is alot of good food at hong lim - too bad i havent been there loads; even though my aunty used to go there pretty often - but the food there is absolutely brilliant; there's famous curry mee (2 shops), ipoh hor fun, prawn noodles (2 shops), bak chor mee (2shops), char kway teow, bak zhang, almost everything thats' singaporean can be found there.

in fact it's a very dingy place. it's a place where the ceiling seems to have been alive with ants and insects and termites; etc; you know that kinda thing, that somehow the insects will drop from the ceiling into your food - okay enough of the gross stuff, but you know what i mean; and the tables are really old concrete slabs; sigh.
back to the food.

i went to hong lim only once, so i thought i might as well try out more food.

so i had BOTh the "char kway teow" from outram park char kway teow and also the bak chor mee from 'ah kow bak chor mee'.

both were good.
i had the bak chor mee first; this bak chor mee had a very nice sauce and the ingredients were really fresh, esp the teochew dumplings, and all the pork balls and the pork - the mushrooms were good too; the soup was full of porkish flavour; however what was a let down was the noodles, they were a bit too soft; would have preferred them a bit more al-dente.
never mind.
still good.
(7/10) - not as good as tai hwa though;

Outram Park CKT:
outram park ckt came in a plastic plate and it was a brown gooey mess; seriously, everyting was the same colour; however, what was great was that the kway teow was fried very well, until it was very lively, slippery, and not broken or strachy at all (the kway teow) and that somehow it slid down your throat; the dish also had the wok hei flavour which was good; however the hum was a bit overcooked, if i remember correctly; and there wasn;t much ingredients (think zion road is more generous) - still for the texture of the kway teow,t his is a good CKT.

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