Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Maxwell Food Centre

Maxwell food centre is my favourite food centre of all time (old airport road a close second) ; because it has so much wonderful food, as i've blogged about before.

anyway today i went there, but since zhen zhen porridge had no queue so i decided to buy zhen zhen porridge. and was pretty happy that i did; because it was really good. the grains had all been boiled down till it was just starch and there was alot of century eggs and pork which added sweetness to the broth - and the ingredients were really quite fresh; and moreover it was cheap (2.50 for alot of ingredients);
porridge: 8/10

but actually to tell you the truth the raw fish at zhen zhen is even better than the porridge! seriosuly; it comes with alot of condiments; chilli, alot of ginger, fried onions, spring onions, lime, shallots, vegetables, etc, coriander, the fish of course, and the nice zesty salty-sour sauce that they drizzle over it; it's a wonderful combination of flavours; the crunch of the vegetables, the smoothness of the fish, the tartness, the ginger giving it spice; great stuff.

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