Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Serangoon Gardens FC

So much good food at serangoon gardens! not chomp chomp, which has become a tourist hangout or a night-chill place, but the other food centre at serangoon gardens, which has 3 6-chopstick rating stalls from makansutra, namely the Newton Circus CKT, the Ah Seng Duck Rice, and the Garden Street Kway Chap.

The CKT was closed, so i tried the other two.

the garden street kway chap was good. quite a long queue, but the kway was very smooth but what was outstanding was the inner parts because the innards were stewed to a soft consistency while retaining much taste of the innards - this is comparable to guan kee (see below) - really it's hard to tell the difference since they all have that same quality to it.
good stuff. (8/10)

the duck was just as impressive. this is not the more noveau type such as can be found in lim seng lee (buona vista) where the sauce is so sweet - but this one is sliced very well so you really taste the flavour of the duck (the duck flavour is - well - u cant describe it can you - kinda musky, fragrant, earthly so to speak) and the sauce complements it well, being a mixture of star anise and probably soy sauce, more salty than sweet (as compared to buona vista) - very good it went with the duck very well and really accentuated the flavours. good stuff. (8/10)

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