Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wala Wala Pizza

Wala Wala has great bands.
I have been chilling out a great deal and so far wala wala and pump room offer the best music; pump room has an awesome band called Jive Talking which can play you litereally anything from top 40s to rock such as coldplay, etc, to heavy rock such as guns and roses, to r&b such as stevie wonder's superstition, as well as stuff even like dance music, eg. 'don't you want me baby' (80s) or 'heaven is a place on earth' or anything! you just request it, they play it! and they do it very very well. probably the best band in singapore; extremely tight and very very groovy that you can dance to it.

but wala wala does have some good bands as well; i like esp monday's band because they play alot of 90s music, music that i listened to when i was growing up such as oasis, blur, cardigans, verve, manic, radiohead, etc; and moreover, the food is good! the pizzas are very good for a pub, while the beers are great as well. for a note: try little creatures ale. that is really very good.

anyway we had this garlic mushroom pizza the other day which was really very shiok. big pieces of mushrooms whcih had a wonderful earthly aroma topped with fresh garlic which was very fragrant and lots of cheese - the perfect combination for mushrooms.

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