Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wild Rocket

Jeremy had his birthday party at Wild Rocket - we actually wanted to go to brown sugar but it was closed so we decided to go to wild rocket instead - and boy was it a brilliant choice! First, i have to talk about the ambience. Perched at the top of Mt Emily, Wild Rocket has a cosy laid-back comfy feel to it; only about 15 tables, each with nice candles, and warm pastel hues and carpets and even natural plants and glass windows that look out to the open sky outside; it was a very inviting place to go for a chit-chat or any sort of party.
Ambience: 9/10

And the food was really quite exceptional. Wild Rocket specialises in fusion food, which means that there are both western and asian influences in a single dish. All the dishes we tried had this "fusion" element but all were very artfully done and really brought out the flavours well, as compared to fusion being a confusion instead.

The olive oil bread was good. good olive oil really brings out the best in bread and here the olive oil was extremely flavourful and i just kept grabbing more and more. sigh. really whets the appetite.

We first had a nice Roasted Pumpkin Salad. Here the argula of the salad was peppered by some nice nuts which added crunch and all drizzled in a balsamic vinegerratte of some sort which was just enough to provide some moisture to the leaves - and the roasted pumpkins were delicious - they had the caramel flavour, being roasted till the sugars caramelised - and added some sweetness to the dish.

The next dish was the Kaffir Lime Prawn Bisque; now this was an absolute winner. I'm not joking. It was an inspired match; to match the richness and the seafood taste of prawn bisque (made by flambeeing the prawns, no doubt, with butter) with the slightly tart taste of thai tom yam soup by probably adding kaffir leafs and lemongrass (probably); hence the first sip is very seafoody and prawnish and sweet and savoury and seafoodish before giving way to a slightly tart and spicy aftertaste from the kaffir - a perfect match of west and east. (west --> east) . absolute winner. i was still drinking from it even though there was nothing left - it was that tasty, i volunteered to clean up my friend's bowl. (9.5/10)

I had the Laksa Pesto Spaghetti which was their speciality. another mix of east and west, this time pesto (made from basil leaves) mixed with laksa leaf which combined the aromas of the basil with the pungence of the laksa leaf (as you know if u've tried laksa there is this aroma and flavour you get from laksa leaves) and this is well done here; comes with a few big prawns and quail egg; but probably this is more for the novelty factor; after a while it got quite boring. haha.
(7.5/10). still i can tell everyone i've tried it.oh well. that's what you do with a specialty dish.

My dining companions had the lamb shank and the duck confit. unfortunately i only took a photo of the duck confit. the duck confit was quite good. salty and fatty and tasty duck underneath crisp skin. unfrotunately it was a bit too burnt. think there was chocolate sauce drizzled over it. but it was good. my dining companion says that the brussel sprouts one is still better and i have to probably agree, probably because of the addition of kriek cherry beer sauce which really helped to counteract the richness. (7/10)

The lamb shank was very very good. very tender and moist and flavourful, with the braised sauce of thick gooey brown richness accentuating the lamb flavours. and one more thing, the spuds were brilliant. must have been cooked iwth lots of butter, for they were excellent. brilliant stuff. (8/10)

And on to desserts.
I had the Deconstructed Strawberry Cheesecake, and no doubt, this is one of the best desserts yet in Singapore, and that i've had in a long time. the key is the texture; the texture of the cream cheese was just so creamy and dense and luscious and soft at the same time (not like cake at all, if you know hwat i mean - it kind of pulls away slowly thread by thread almost like durian) while the taste was incredible - cheesey and cold and well just beautiful - married well with the more tart strawberry sauce at the bottom which you mix for a nice contrast of tart and creamy. the biscuits were also very nice, very fragrant - guess they used almond in it. overall brilliant. (9/10).

tried the chocolate pudding with ice cream - not bad as well. comparable to other places though, even if nothing spectacular. (7.5/10).

Overall a brilliant meal.

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ice said...

I love the strawberry cheesecake dessert here too. Willin told me the crumble is actually digestive biscuit!