Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marmalade Pantry boys night out

1 July 2008

Went with J and D to marmalade pantry for eats. fine dining, they call it. this place at palais renaissance is great if you want some really good food and don't mind paying the extra 5 or 10 bucks on top of the norm of what you would pay at a place like swensens, but of course the food quality is ten times better. marmalade pantry is really best known for the famous sticky date toffee pudding, being one of the first to introduce this dish, and being one fo the best at it, at the same time. so, we went there, since i haven't had their sticky date in a while.

D had the pork kurabota aglio olio which he said wasn't very good, something about the pork being too fatty. J had the ultimate beef burger, which i was a big fan of, but since I have been eating too many burgers, i decided against it and opted for the crab meat linguine with pine nuts in tomato cream instead. and it was a very good choice. tomato and crab meat always go well together for a certain reason - think marinara pasta, etc - and this one was no different. the crab was quite fresh, and had a nice savoury flavour that went well with the tomato-based sauce, which was not too sour that it just killed everything but it had a nice balance and roundness to it that comes from using good tomatoes (or you can add sugar, but that's another kitchen trick). mm i can still remember the taste. yummy. hehs.
pasta: 8/10

sticky date toffee pudding was classic, as usual, and it did not disappoint - it matched its high standards, even though there was a period of time where the pudding seemed to be a bit smaller than usual. here it was, fragrant, brown, rich, dark, sweet, and went extermely well with the toffee sauce they drape over it and with the vanilla ice cream that comes with it (which contains vanilla beans, yay!) . good as usual: 8.5/10 (im being generous but i really do like sticky date)

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Ok I'm slow here reading your old post. But I must say we do share similar taste.