Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nan Hwa Fish Head Steamboat

29 June 2008

We went (with my family) to Nan Hwa Fish Head Steamboat at the corner of North Bridge Road and Jln Sultan. It was a really rustic place, a road corner with tables and chairs spilling out onto the busy jln sultan, most families just have their steamboat along the road. how quaint - old-world style.

For a really good fish head steamboat, you need really fresh fish, and a good stock to really capture the flavours of the fish as the fish boils in the stock. most of the time they will add yam, fried yam, fried tee-po fish, to give the stock that delicious oomphy flavour and remove any fishy odours that may come from the fish.

Wah, and it was good. Seh. The fish was really fresh (red snapper) and the stock extremely delicious; each mouthful of soup and fish was a real delight to drink as the stock was really sweet from all the fish boiling inside it and yet very balanced at the same time.

Steamboat: 8.5/10

The other side dishes were not bad; the fried prawn paste chicken was quite crisp and tasty if a bit salty; and the fish cake was quite unique. good place to go.
side dishes: 7/10 (average)

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