Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kensington Crepes - london Week II

Kensington Crepes

Here are the famous Kensington Crepes - I had the "brittany" one which came with carrots, bacon, mushrooms, served in a crisp crepe. Nice and fluffy, and the fillings very savoury. Nice.

The sweet crepe we ordered was the Rum, Banana and Chocolate; it was very sinful but we were a bit full from the first crepe already so didn't enjoy it as much. but still the chocolate was of a good quality. (7/10)

Cha Cha Moon
Cha Cha Moon is a place with really cheap food and opened by the guru of Chinese food in UK, whose name I can't remember - but who had opened Hakkasan, reputed as the best Chinese restaurant in London, and in the world. And the food was really good, and moreover very cheap, since everything was priced at 3.50 quid; And the food was good.

Zha-jiang mian came with hot minced meat sauce and was very good - flavourful and full of the 'tacheo' flavours; (7.5/10);
Fried carrot cake is good - with crunchy beansprouts (7/10)
And I really loved the dumplings with chilli oil and scallions; those were great. (8/10)

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