Thursday, August 7, 2008

London Food review Week 1 (cont)

Day III - day II we made a day trip to Oxford. theres nothing to shout about and i wont bother reviewing O'Neils co its just a pub. what i really liked was the 4 beers that they served for only 3 quid, each of them being 1/3 pint. it was great variety and all the pints were very good.

At night i met shining for dinner and we went to this italian place near my flat called Ciao Bella. very authentic - u can tell by the fact that there were italian guys running the place and speaking I-TA-LIAN (imagine the italian accent yeah) and all that.. and the smell was really quite nice.
italian food is all about freshness, says gordon ramsay, and i agree. so we were served with some lovely olives and parmesan cheese which really set the tone nicelty - parmesan cheese is so flavourful on its own, so pungent, tasty, mmm....salty too actually.

i had the vongole pasta which was not too bad, although not as great as i would have liked it to be. the thing about vongole pasta is that it's hard to go wrong, but hard to be great - since it's usually just white wine with a bit of cream and the clams....but this was not a bad imitation of it. (6/10)

shining had the beef bolognaise which i had a week later (i brought a friend there) and it was good; very beefy and the sauce quite meaty and outstanding and went very well with the parmesan cheese. good.

Day III - Arbutus
I probably had the best meal of the trip at this place called Arbutus, which has one Michelin star. It was a fantastic set lunch deal for only 15 quid, and it was seriously worth it. all the courses were very flavourful and tasty and cooked to perfection.
First course was sliced lamb breast (if i remember correctly) - tasty morsels of meat with garnish. safe but alright it was quite good. (7/10)

Main course was a Rabbit Leg with risotto was quite a masterpiece, well executed. It featured tender rabbit leg which was not too gamey sitting on top lovely nutty risotto which really captured all the gamey flavours. it was really very good. (8/10)

Dessert was a very good Creme Anglaise (floating island); i especially loved the nuts that gave it contrast and texture and the vanilla sauce it was soaked in. well done (8/10)

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