Tuesday, August 12, 2008

London Food Review Week I (cont)

Wah still haven't finished posting about London. I guess i have to finish it, there's so much backlog to clear. Oh well. but it's fun i guess!
so where was I?
Ah yes.

Day 5 - Borough Market
Borough Market has to be the most fascinating market in the world for foodies like me. It is a gourmand's haven, loaded up with trucks and trucks of the most delicious and gorgeous foods there ever will be on this planet. (okay a bit of hyperbole never harms anyone). When i went there on saturday, there was a plethora of desserts ranging from warm English fudge to strawberry ices, sacher tortes to chocolate puddings and fudge brownies stacked high in a row - see the photos - cheesecakes, marble cakes; there was boston cumberland sausages, wild-boar sandwiches, venison burgers, ostrich burgers, apple cider fresh from the farm, ice-cream, freshly shucked oysters from richard hawkins, monmouth coffee (yummy)....
Okay, so I didn't eat all of that.

I started off with Cider - this was the sweet cider. It was really quite sweet and not very gassy at all. Tasted somewhat like honey. i guess if you like it gassy then perhaps you may not like this very much. In actual fact i found it okay.

Moved on to the Wild Boar Sandwich. Yummy. This was really quite excellent. The wild boar was very flavourful, had a very gamey taste, full of savoury flavours that would be very hard to describe - but it was definitely not chicken - it was seriously really good. This was balanced by some nice cranberry sauce which balanced the rich flavours in a nice bun. Yummy. i can see why there was such a long queue. (8.5/10)

Had freshly-shucked oysters from Richard Hawkins (i think) - and REALLY i've never ever tasted such wonderful wonderful oysters in my life! MM! The oysters having been freshly shucked were really fresh and just tasted of the sea, all the briney goodness of it - woo - it is a delicious taste that cannot be expressed - but yeah now when people say that oysters taste of the sea i can understand what they really mean. this was excellent. PS i went back e week after to try it and it wasnt as good, maybe coz i picked the small ones for this one and the week after i had the big ones. the small one swere better. size does matter, inversely. (9.5/10)

Then had Monmouth Coffee - monmouth coffee is absolutely sensational. didn't know filter paper coffee can taste this good. ive heard that all the great coffee places get their beans from here and no wonder. it's a thing of beauty. the el-salvador had notes of spice, chocolate, and had flavours all by themselves that i thought only wine possessed. this was quite great. (9/10)

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bron said...

If you go back to Monmouth ask your server to tell you about a coffee and, if they have even the merest hint of a moment they will give you the most extrordinary description - it's a joy to listen to and definitely adds to the pleasure of the drinking.

Borough has so many good things on offer - it's my weekly shopping destination for all our food.


I am very very lucky.

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