Monday, August 18, 2008

London Week 1 - Cook in!

So shengwu and I decided we should have a cook-in because well, cook-ins are nice lazy things that allow you alot of time to do other things. One simply just has to pop the roast into the oven and wait for the roast to, eh, well, roast. mm. And maybe fry some vegetables on the side - yeah we carnivores do like our vegs, as well.

Mm. So we went to the butcher's at Marylebone road and got a whole shoulder of lamb - mind you - a whole giganormous shoulder - for just ten quid (pounds). And after that we went to La Fromagerie which sells the most amazing range of cheeses, just imagine cheeses piled stock high from top to bottom and up many levels ala a wine cellar. Seriously the smell of that place was amazing. We got ourselves two cheeses, the name i cant remember now, but i remember that one was quite creamy and was moderately pungent (nice) and the other was harder but had a nice aftertaste - ah it was goat's cheese.

We managed to stuff the roast shoulder with alot of rosemary and pop it into the oven after searing it with butter and rubbbing it with salt and pepper. J did a nice pan-fried steak with his own marinade of thyme, rosemary, worchester sauce, etc, which turned out pretty nice. We finished that off with a bottle of wine, some broccolli, and Haagen Daaz for dessert.

Here's pictures from our cook-in.

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