Sunday, August 31, 2008

London Week II - Borough Market, Paul

London Week II took me to borough market again on the corresponding thursday to try out the famous cheese raclette as well as have some more of those ddarn oysters - i had been craving them since the week before when those delightful molluscs enchanted me with its briny sea taste and aroma of the seas.
so i went down; and i decided to pick the big one, at 1.60pounds each; it was a mistake; those larger oysters were in fact more fishy and less fresh than the small ones and had a bit of the 'bad taste' in it, even though the lemon was already used; perhaps they weren't as fresh. so if you go to richard hawkins, please buy the small ones, i think those are better. (6/10)

EDITOR'S NOTE [29/12/2011]: I think 6/10 was a really harsh score to give: see the previous entry "London Food Week II" - where I gave the Richard Hawkins oysters a 9.5/10. Perhaps 6/10 was really too low a score. Never mind.

the cheese raclette was good, but not really much to shout at; i just didn't lke the combination of potatoes and cheese; sorry, not my thing. but i know whyp eople will like it. (7/10)

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