Tuesday, August 19, 2008

London Week II - Nando's

Nando's is a revelation. I'm amazed that they haven't found a presence yet in Singapore, because i feel it's what singaporeans really love. amazing, flavourful, smoky, flamed-grilled chicken, with lots of BBQ flavour, served with piquant hot sauce. What's there not to love?

The chicken was intensely flavourful, almost smoky in its taste and aroma; there was the strong flame-grilled aroma permeating through the meat, the skin BBQed to a crisp and being really smoky. and the garlic peri peri sauce that went with it was nice and hot. fries were alright. it was a nice meal. hope it comes to singapore. (7.5/10)


Matt Unger said...

I've always contemplated traveling to London, but I never wanted to because I thought they had bad food. (Except for fish & chips of course.) Your blog has given me some confidence that I will be okay visiting!

ceadsearc said...

haha acgtually theres alot of good food in london; although you probably would need to pay ten pounds onwards for proper restaurant standard food, although for five to ten pounds you could probably eat alot as well. but yeah its so cosmpolitan that there are so many restaurants and so many different styles....just go! london's about everything else also. haha.