Monday, September 29, 2008

Fish Soup! + More Amoy Street

Fish Soup is really healthy living.
There are two famous stalls in Amoy Street - Piao Ji Fish Porridge and Han Kee. So I have tried both and both are really good, in their own way.
Piao Ji features soup that is quite heavily flavoured, with garlic bits, fried pork lard (if i'm not wrong) and with garlic etc. with mackerel slices that were very fresh in the soup. The nice part of the meal was the taucheo in the chilli. Added a nice taste.

Han Kee features soup that is very light, with just fried garlic bits inside for flavour; It's just a very cheng fish soup that isn't robust at all, very light and teochew-style. But the star is the fish; the mackarel is very nicely sliced, very thick slices, and all very fresh with alot of flavour and very clean-smelling/tasting fresh fish. Nice. (8/10)

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