Tuesday, September 16, 2008

London - the Last London Post

Here's the final London Post on London Food!

The food at Paul's is really quite amazing. A homely, buttery, French patisserie, Paul serves delightful French pastries, great coffee, and even some Hot Meals all over London. While admittedly not cheap, the quality of the food really shines.

Had the Chocolate Tart, which was really the most amazing dessert I have had in London. Simple, but the chocolate was rich, divine, and had a nice balance of sweet and bitter and it was dense and rich enough, made with good quality cocoa. And the amazing ganache rested on a crust that had the fragrance of almonds and good butter was used; the crust was a delight to eat.

The Viennese coffee was good; aromatic, and with alot of cream on the top; really quite good. (7.5/10)

BTw i went to Fernandez and Weills a few days later which served the most aromatic coffee ever. It was really robust, strong, rich and everything a good cuppa needs. NO picutres though, i forgot.

And this was precluded by a lovely Four Cheeses Quiche which was also very well-done, made with authentic French ingredients. (7.5/10)

Anyone ever think of bringing Paul into Singapore? It will be such a hit. Who cares about Delifrance? Let's have the real French stuff!


So we were at SW's house for the next Saturday's cook-in, and this time we really outdid ourselves. LJ bought a few big steaks (i heard the butchers were saying "beautiful", "beautiful" when cutting those steaks) and we simply just marinated them with salt and pepper and pan-fried them over high heat for the required time, namely 2 and a half minutes on each side; but the steaks were cut so thick that the outsides were nicely charred from all the panfrying and the insides were still delicately pink and succulent, still brimming with the juices of a nice beefy steak. And the taste was just sublime, beefy, musky, heavenly, and just oommmpphhherly good; biting your teeth into it oozes juices that just.....okay you get the idea; even two months after that trip i can still remember the taste. wow.
I actually made a shalot confit (with onions) to go with the steak - simply just caramelise onions in a pan and add that as a garnish - and actaully to be truthful the steak didn't need it at all, it was that good by itself, but the shallot confit did add a nice different touch , a sweet touch, to cut some of the richness.

And this was paired with some lovely roasted chicken (it was a Poisson, free-ranged chicken) simply stuffed with rosemary and rubbed with salt and pepper and roasted and it was really very good, very flavourful - all to show that good ingredients go a long way.

I cooked Sauteed Mushrooms - with lots of Butter, and chopped garlic, that went down very nicely and well - musky earthly mushrooms with aromatic pungent garlic make a good combination.

I even cooked a Cream of Brocolli and Mushroom soup from the leftoveres of the brocolli and mushrooms, slowly boiling it for hours; and it turned out realyl nicely. very well. yummy. too bad everyone was full after those heavy meats.

it was a great dinner .
thankt he hosts.

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