Tuesday, September 16, 2008

London - Wild Honey + Goldmine

Wild Honey is Arbutus's sister restaurant and it serves also a set lunch for a reasonably cheap 17 pounds for a michelin star restaurant.
So I went there with Colin from the famed "Only slightly pretentious food"to Wild Honey located in Conduit Street in Mayfair. The food was really quite outstanding, not bad, especially for that price.

We started off with a delightful Carrot Veloute, which featured olives, nuts, some salads, etc, covered in a cold carrot veolute which was really refreshing - it had a natural sweetness and really cleansed the palate and was very appetising indeed, especialyl with al the nuts and olives hidden beneath it. (8/10)

My haddock didn't go too wel lthough, it was a bit
fishy, maybe that's the way haddock is; however the risotto as always was well done. i hsouuld have ordered something else instead. colin's rabbit looked good. (7/10)

And we finished with Creme Anglaise with Floating Island again. Haha. same dessert as Arbutus. And amazingly, it tasted the same. woo. i wonder why. (7.5/10)


Here's the last meal in London with my mates at Goldmine in Bayswater, where the chef of Four Seasons had relocated too.

The Duck was less fatty than Goldmine's but no less delicious. Also very tasty and covered in the same slightly-sweet partly-caramelised soy-based sauce, very rich. (8/10)

Paired with some claypot Tofu - which was good if passe. (7/10)

ANd some Fried Rice - was very good, had a bit of that wok-hei and comparable to some in Singapore. (7/10)

All in all a great time in london, thank God and thank all my friends who had to put up with my nonses and bring me around. London is a great city and i'd definitely love to go back. Heh.

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