Monday, September 29, 2008

A tale of two Char Kway Teows

I have had the pleasure of two really good Char Kway Teows. One was very very good, almost brilliant; the other was just sublime. And they are none other than 18 Zion Fried Kway Teow (located at Zion Road) and Hill Street CKT (Bedok South), and the 18 Zion CKT is apparently the disciple of Hill Street CKT.
I went down to Zion Road the other day and the plate of CKT was really colourful-looking and it looked really good. The CKT was garnished with chives, lap cheong, etc and it was fried really really well, very robust and savoury and filled with the wok hei flavour of a good CKT - literally it was just full of the 'heat' of a good wok, while the kway teow was smooth, the sauce of the right balance, and the ingredients generous; the lap cheong added a nice touch....This is really the way CKT should be man. (8.5/10)

But Hill Street CKT was simply something else altogether. Not that Zion Road was anything bad - it weas really very good - but Hill Street CKT was really something else altogether, altogether sublime. There was enough wok hei, and the mix of lap cheong, chives, beansprouts, cockles, noodles, etc, with the black sauce and sweet sauce, and the beansprouts and chives gave it added crunch whicn contrasted with the noodles. Simply sublime. Yo u should go there and try. Very robust as well and savoury and also full of wok hei. (9/10).
Hill Street CKT
Bedok South Road Block 16

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