Monday, October 27, 2008

Tatsuya's, Park Hotel

Blimey, this was probably the best Japanese food I've tasted, probably in my entire life. Now that's saying something; If I can recall, I've been to some expensive places, yes, but this one really takes the cake. It would not be an overstatement to say that Tatsuya's Japanese cuisine is absolutely superb it nears perfection.

We entered in, and was warmly greeted by the friendly but inobtrusive wait staff with the usual Japanese greetings; ushered promptly to our seats, and, immediately, we were asked what beverages we would like to have. "Green tea", we chimed, so it was - and it was served almost immediately after that. The menus came , which were really pretty, we were there for the lunch bento sets which were really 'affordable' (if $30 can be called affordable) compared to the $80 plus that you pay for the ala-carte. I had the Chirashi set (Barachirashi), while J had the Sashimi set and YJ had the Unagi + Sashimi set.

My Barachirashi set was a thing of beauty; Generous fish of the highest quality sliced over really tasty sushi rice. Mm. The fish were so numerous it literally covered the entire "box" of rice. And the great thing about Barachirashi is that the fish is finely chopped - and I feel raw fish should be enjoyed in small chunks - that way it really melts in your mouth and you can savour all the oils and the wonderful oommphy-delicately-fishy tastes of the fish and the fish oils while you chew.

The maguro I had was really nice - very fresh - and smooth; The Hamachi (Yellowtail) was not bad - quite tasty and undoubtedly fresh; The Salmon was a revelation, it was also very fresh and had the heady oily taste of fish oils and melt in your mouth texture combined with a taste that makes you go 'ooooommpphhhhh' im in heaven that kinda thing - when you bite into the fish and slowly chew on it to release the fish oils and the flavours start from the front and go to the back (it's a very bad explanation) - but really the fish here was really very very good, especially the salmon; The Salmon belly (if i think it was salmon belly) was also just as good as the salmon; The highlight was the Mekaji (Swordfish); it was really excellent. It was so tasty and flavourful, every bite was heavenly, and it was not too hard but it had a nice "crunch" about it.

And added to the wonderful fish was the nice Sushi rice - that was flavourful on its own; and cubed tamago which was done very well. The chawanmushi was also good - very good texture, smooth, and made with good stock, the old-fashioned way; there was even yuzu zest sprinkled on it. (I would have preferred it without). And the salad as appetizer was great as well, with a lovely sesame dressing that threatened to steal the show from the fish.

Ultimately a very value-for-money set, considering that fish at Tatsuya's is of the highest quality in Singapore. I'm so glad that I had rthe opportunity (thank God) to come and visit this place today with my lovely friends J and YJ so yeah. Go visit it. Go for the lunch sets, you woulnd't be disappointed.

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(Barachirashi set: 9.5/10)

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