Thursday, November 20, 2008

Economic Mixed Vegetables Rice

I have so many posts to update - it's impossible to begin. But one place you ABSOLUTELY have to try is this Teochew Porridge stall in Ang Mo Kio, Blk 341, #01-13, Teck Ghee Market. The stall simply says 'Economic mixed vegetable rice', and judging from the queue, you'd know how popular it is. The first time I went, the whole food centre (and this is a proper food centre, not just a coffee shop) was eating bowls and bowls of that Teochew porridge with a myriad of dishes. And the queue, I counted, was about 13 persons long. that's how long i waited. Patiently, For my food.

A foodie must wait.

And so the food came; I was alone, and I ordered the Braised Duck, Sotong, Tau-Hu, and their Cabbage; and I must tell you, all were very good! The porridge was just the right consistency, very smooth, a bit "milky", still firm to the bite but soft enough, and with very clean flavours - no broken grains, all that;

The dishes were all good:
The duck was, in my humble opinion, better than alot of braised duck stalls even - it was very robust, flavourful, musky - went very well with the porridge. (Note, I went to the stall again today, it wasn't that good - a bit tough this time, but I have to give it the benefit of the doubt).
The Cabbage was outstanding - very savoury, clean flavours - a bit sweet as well - very tasty. great.
Tauhu was lovely - just the right texture, smothered in a savoury-sweet bean sauce that tasted really like my grandma's cooking. In fact all the dishes tasted like my grandma's cooking, typical traditional Teochew way - just the way it was done before.

You must try.

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