Monday, November 3, 2008

Siang Hee Restaurant

Today I visited this Cze Char which apparently sells Fusion dishes - I got the link from ieat's blog and so went there looking for some good grub- it weas recently listed in Makanstura too. The place was in this dingy coffee shop with old ah-peks eating economy rice/ bee hoon from brown paper - very surreal, almost like in the 80s, perhaps. But this cze char stall apparently sells fusion dishes, aka innovative ones.

So we ordered the Prawns in Pumpkin Sauce, Marmite pork ribs, and a tofu to go along with it. The tofu came first - nothing spectacular, just good old tofu in sauce with a bit of spinach underneath - the innovative element. However, the deep-fried tempura prawns in pumpkin sauce was a revelation - juicy succulent prawns were deep-fried in batter and covered in this pumpkin sauce that had a really sweet "pumpkin" taste that came from mashed pumpkins similar to pumpkin soup, it was rich, sweet, and had the "starchy" aftertaste that characterises a pumpkin (okay this is probably a bad description). Yeah, it was good that just adding that to the rice made it a treat to eat.
The marmite pork ribs were not bad - the marmite taste was very subtle though - perhpas it is good that way. nice and savoury.

Ultimately a good place to go to.

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