Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jo's 21st - Pierside!

Celebrated our good friend Jo's birthday (from L sch) at Pierside Kitchen, located at One Fullerton - by the sea - and apparently its run by the same group as Marmalade Pantry, aka the Marmalade group. The place had very very high ceilings and was done almost white, marmalade pantry style.

We started off with guess what, an Amuse Bouche. When they serve Amuse Bouches you already know that the meal is going to be super expensive. In fact, i can't really recall a place where I've eaten an amuse bouche. u see, this blog tends to focus on the - cheap, whereas in other blogs you might find that almost everything is at sage, or st pierre, or tatsuya's. although i wont go so far to only eat at hawker centres.
balance, it's all about balance.

so yeah the amuse bouche was actually very good. it was tofu with some thai-styled dressing of lemongrass, lime, sugar, to really whet the appetite for what was to come.

JQ ordered half a dozen oysters, and I was to have just one (i paid for one). But seriously these were really pretty darned good. Very fresh (apparently fresh that day), juicy, full of the salty tastes of the sea, and quite 'sweet' as well. nothing fishy. i like. and they were small. i think small oysters are much better. ($3 each, 9/10 - seriously you can't rate oysters)

And for the mains I had their Wagyu Burger ($38), not on their menu, it was a chef's special. it came, a large plate, with heaps of crisp golden fries which were done to perfection, each of them salty, crispy and slightly potatoey inside. The wagyu burger had a very delicate flavour, almost feminine-like, while the buns that the burger was on was also superbly done, each smothered with a nice butter. great, but i think the one at brown sugar still trumps this. hah. (7.5/10) - it's too ex, unfortunately.

And rounded off with such a nice cake from Rive Gauche. NIce. thankyou.

the burger wasn't that big, but there was so much greens. actually i like rocket, so can't complain.

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Life In Technicolor. said...

came by...and being a coffee aficionado, i simply MUST AGREE with your appraisal of cova!!! their coffees are excellent, although i must say i didnt expect it to be that good.
i'm so glad you featured them!!! there's alot more to coffee than those chains...

andrea xooxx
Life In Technicolor.