Sunday, December 7, 2008

Search for the best coffee

Singapore has a DEARTH of good coffee. seriously, this is coffee desert. Forget starbucks or coffee bean, those serve really yucky stuff that has no aroma whatsoever and is probably better for their coffee-styled dessert drinks with lots of mocha, caramel, whatever on it, which means it's really sweet and all that. i have yet to try a nice COFFEE that really tastes wonderfully of coffee. the best coffee i had was the one at Monmouth coffee in London (u can search for the london posts at the side) as that was so flavourful, aromatic, rich, and just beautiful, even though it was just a long black.

So on I go to a search of Good Coffee, using blogs to help me. So far, they have told me that the best is probably Highlander Coffee, and maybe Cafe Beviamo; some have suggested scrumptious cafe at Turf City is pretty good, while others have said peaberry and pretzel at sunset way has good coffee. so off I go.

Actually, the really ultimate BEST coffee I have tried is found in Cova, located in Paragon, that esteemed coffee chain from Milan. But it costs a whipping $7-8 bucks for a normal latte. So well I don't really count that because i can't go to paragon all the time (parking, ERP, etc) and pay so much for that, while i have to look pretty good to be sitting in that chic place.

Having mentioned that, I haven't actually reviewed Cova so i might as well do it now.

Cova is a really ATAS (high-class) place. founded in 1821 in Milan, it doesn't pretend to be anything but the most opulent, decadent, tea parlour serving excellent espresso, high tea, cakes, sandwiches, and the like, while even branching out into mains. the first time i went with K, K had the most yummy Panini he has ever tasted in Singapore - he said it himself - and I tried it, and it was so fresh, and full of flavourful ingredients, and even the bread was well done. great sandwich.

The COFFEE is absolutely OUT of this world. Wonderful. Very rich espresso, very fragrant aroma and a balanced taste with no bitter or sour aftertaste. Great. (9/10). If only it weren't so expensive.

Highlander Coffee comes next; located at Neil Road, it touts the perfect espresso, using only quality beans that they roast and grind themselves at their premises, and having knowledgeable barristas to turn those beans into quality coffee. I quite like this place; it is laid back without being pretentious and most importantly not too exorbitant; a coffee only costs $4 bucks compared to SB and CBNTL. mm.
the coffee was not too bad; very fragrant and aromatic (as all good coffee should be). quite a balanced taste, not too overpowering and strong; milky. (latte). (8/10).
i think i like my coffee a bit stronger, though.

Next up is Peaberry and Pretzel. Apparently they use peaberry coffee, which are beans that only have 1 pod rather than two. the coffee here was not too bad. the latte had a strong aroma and a "warmth". however, it wasn't very dark. maybe i prefer a darker roast. oh well. (7/10).

On the right is the Peaberry + Pretzel cuppa.

A few weeks ago, went to Scrumptious Cafe at Turf City. this was quite cheap, about 5 bucks for two shots. Good stuff. very aromatic and fragrant, as all coffee can be. went down pretty fast, though. (7.5/10).

Jones the Grocer was next. In fact, I visited this place twice, one day after another, because I was really impressed by this. Located at Dempsey, this place usually sells all sorts of groceries. but their coffee apparently is freshly roasted in Sydney and shipped back to SGP and served, and the quality and the freshness of the roasted beans really showed. The first time i had the iced latte and even through the straw, the aroma just wafted through, it was so intoxicating. and the taste was spot on - relatively dark roast, slightly bitter, not overpoweringly so, with lots of coffee flavour. good stuff.
i had the Hot latte the next day. This was just as good; still very aromatic, smells of freshly extracted espresso; relatively dark and slightly bitter as well.
Overall: 8.5/10

Having said that though, I have recently come across another great coffee. This one is even better. It's Cafe Beviamo, located at Tanglin Mall. The Cafe Latte i had had this wonderful roasty "roasted coffee" aroma, of dark caramel and intense flavour, of a very deep dark roast....almost chocolately in its dark finish. Great great stuff. There's no point putting a photo since it was a takeaway but this really takes the cake. (9.5/10). I could drink this all day long. Perfect cup. I think i'll drop by tomorrow.

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