Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bistro Du Vin

After hearing so many reviews of the new Les-Amis themed restaurant known as Bistro Du Vin, i trooped down with a few friends to try out the food there.

Blogger seems to have difficulty uploading photos but i will try my best=)

We stepped into a little quaint oasis of charm and quirkiness very typical (or so i heard) of a Parisian Bistro - that was obviously the inspiration. Red walls, pictures of artwork, parisian buildings, as well as with marble table-tops and brown chairs make for a lovely atmosphere. Very well-decorated and quaint - if every parisian bistro was like that, i would love to go there anytime.

We were served some fresh bread first - nothing much to shout about, but i did like the unsalted butter accompanying it. it was actually very good that i had some seconds.

ZH had a mushroom friscasee with morels and a poached egg; it was really good. Very earthly flavours of mushrooms and herbs (i was trying to figure out what they were - seemed like some fresh parsley, thyme) - all with a nice poached egg on top. classic bistro fare. served with a salad.

The mains came; myself and J did not order starter since we are not working yet and can't afford to spend extravagantly on food. i ordered a duck confit, while J had a lamb stew and ZH had beef braised in red wine.

The duck confit was excellent; very tasty, with a very crispy skin and very tasty duck fat; the meat wasn't that tender (still fine by me) but it was very tasty, with a nice saltiness and savouriness that a confit is supposed to have. i found it a bit too salty, but i guess some folks like it that way. The tasty duck fat was really oomph-inducing, reminders of why i like french food so much (but is so sadly expensive). A pot of "coffee sauce" accompanied my confit and that really added a new dimension to the dish and went very well with the duck, with a bit of sweetness to nullify the savouriness. The fries accompanying it were a nice touch.

The beef braised in red wine was very nice - very robust flavours of beef and red wine, hearty flavours. only gripe could be that it wasn't as generous as it should have been.

the lamb with green peas was not bad -alot of gamey lamb flavours.

J had a lemon tart which was quite excellent; very tart (pardon the pun), and light, refreshingly ending off the meal.

ZH's profiteroles were bad: the crust wasn't too light, probably because it was kept in the fridge for too long or something.

i had a creme brulee; it was served in a shallow dish to allow for more "burnt caramel" per total caramel; it was excellent, if a bit too sweet; at least real vanilla beans were used. It would be perfect if the dish was slightly deeper and less wide, so that you don't get so much burnt caramel per total caramel - at some points it felt like eating candy.

Overall not bad but not worth the price we paid. Hmm. (7.5/10)
Not value for money!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Brussel Sprouts

Had a small 'dinner' for some friends for my birthday=)

So I 'jioed' the friends all down to brussels sprouts, coz they were having a mussels promotion - half price after 10, or before seven.
since everyone was late and i was having exams, it'd have to be after 10 then.

so i ordered some beer to start things off:

we had an Orval. this being the first time i tried orval, it was actually very good - very refreshing, light, punchy....
it's been so long i cant remember the taste actually but i really liked it :) wanted to switch with my friend haha but she liked it too. soh well.

Had a main course of duck confit. the rendition here is pretty good. the skin is crisp, the meat is tasty, flavourful, and flakes off easily. how a good confit should be. and it is accompanied by a cherry beer (kwak) reduction that cuts through the richness of the meat.

The mussels came later: we ordered quite a few to share:
white wine sauce, provence sauce, beer sauce, and another....
all very good, with sweet delicate mussels in a tasty sauce. great to mop up with the fries served on the side.

pity the fries weren't very good though - cut too thick.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

AGes since i posted huh.

well.u noe that my food blogging days of travelling around scouring for good food is kinda gone. kinda because i dont have that many classes so alot of my days are spent eating at home (which is good and cheap) and that u noe maybe im a bit lazy and petrol is a bit more expensive and yadayadayada.

well hope u like reading what i write. i hope i do also.

sometimes we write for posterity's sake. like for our own goodselves to read and maybe chuckle at how lovely we are.


as for me.


let me blog.

i shall blog about this nice place called Paradise Inn, a branch of Taste Paradise, and it is really quite nice. location: west coast plaza, just next to my church.

went there twice already, and i shall just recapture my experiences.

first time was with zh and friends.

this is watercress soup - very nutritious. loads of watercress.

the stewed su-dong-po pork. gelatinious layers of pork (esp with the fats lovingly melting in your mouth) in tasty viscous sauce.

wok-fried noodles: quite tasty.

this was quite nice: wasabi mayo prawns. very fresh prawns: however there could be more wasabi.

sauteed eggplant with chilli: very nice.

The second time i came with my parents and this is what we had:

Spinach with 3 eggs: this was good, a bit of minced meat with the 3 eggs: can't really go wrong with this dish huh.

Fried Rice: very fragrant, good wok hei.

Hotplate tofu: very good! the sauce coating the tofu was very delicious. loads of oyster sauce and whatnot, i bet.

AH, THE piece de-resistance: steamed fish head (carp) with spicy hot sauce, all covered with crackling lard bits. this was super delicious. the fish was very fresh and had a nice delicate flavour that went very well with the deliciously spicy gravy, which was tangy, savoury, a bit sweet, all at once - it is what is known as 'hot sauce', go try this! the lard bits on the top were very sinful tho, could feel my arteries being clogged.
(no need to rate the others huh)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wasabi Tei - Fantastico! Oishi!

Went to Wasabi Tei today for a second try at their much-lauded Japanese food. As you all already know, Wasabi Tei is well known to contain owners who are food nazis, who will scowl at you, never serve you with a smile, etc....But with the reputation of the food, we had to go again.
So off we went.

We were served with an appetizer, which was some pickled seaweed, and that was really delicious. Savoury, salty, with hints of sweetness. Very nice.

Couldn't decide what to order, so i went with the same thing i had the other time just to see how good it really was, since everyone talks about it and loves the food here so I had to really try it out again. Had the Chirashi Don (S$20). And i tell you, it was the most value-for-money amazing set I have tried. The pieces of sashimi were sliced so thickly, each slice was the thickness of a human finger (I'm not joking). And I was served, hmms, let me see:

So how was the fish? incredibly fresh, delicious, savoury, tasty, with all the lovely oomphy fish oils and juices and fish flavours.

I first tried the Hamachi (Yellowtail): Ah,this was good. very fresh, with the usual yellowtail flavours. Very thick.

The salmon was next: Ah, this was very thick as well, and absolutely delicious. very fresh, with no bad flavours.

Tamago: very well done. sweet enough.

Swordfish: Ah, this was really the BEST! Very thick, very "crunchy" with perfect texture of a good mekaji, and the taste was really shiokkkk, OISHI!!! OOMPHY! Very very savoury and delicious, with the lovely fish juices oozing out once u bite into the swordfish at the back of your tongue.

Another fish was served: didn't know what it was. It wasn't bad.

And the creme de la creme that i've saved for last: Some little bits of UNI! (sea urchin) A metallic sort of taste of the sea, creamy, sweet seafood taste of slight brine, with a lovely sensation at the back of your tongue. Sorry i'm really bad at describing the food, you know. =) It was good.

Rating: 9/10

Oh btw i tried my friend's chawan mushi. it was delicious. very fresh steamed egg just freshly made, with bits of mushroom and prawn!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Two Chefs Eating House

havent been to many new places recently, but this is one of them. Two Chefs Eating House, located at commonwealth, has been blogged about by many many people. it's one of those places that is so famous that really i don't really need to bother.

alot of pple have said that standards have dropped, this place isn't worth going to anymore, and all that. well, to be fair to them, i'd say that certain dishes are pretty good, and worth going for, while certain dishes are really just ordinary and probably works best as a 'filler'. it's like how you have hit singles, and fillers, in albums. (btw check out MGMT, they rock).

we started off with some drunken cockles. this is definitely NO filler. it's absolutely amazing. fresh cockles in a thai-inspired savoury, sour, spicy, sweet sauce all at once. with loads of chilli and scallions to boot. superb. i was slurping the gravy to no end. (8.5/10)

then came their most famous dish - butter pork ribs. this was really quite good too. milk powder-like butterish powder coated tender fried pork ribs. went quite well, with the butter lending a savoury edge and the milk a sweet aftertaste to the ribs. but i wasn't overwhelmed. heh. (7/10)

the three -eggs spinach was a disappointment really. i had much better ones at boon tong kee. haha. of all places. (4/10)

came 2 days later to try other dishes and bring new friends. this time we had the golden mushroom tofu. this was really good. the sauce was very tasty and was a perfect accompaniment to a bowl of rice. savoury, unami. came with enoki mushrooms and soft beancurd. only pity was that portions were little. but never mind. (8/10)

Sin Ma G7 Seafood restaurant (geylang)

Zihua and her friends organised a makan session at Geylang, and one always knows she does her research well. so off we went. it was this air-conditioned seafood eatery at lorong 3, next to the claypot rice. since it wasn't listed in makansutra and all that, nor do food bloggers usually post about it, i didnt have really high expectations. how wrong i was! for the food was superb.

we started with some marmite chicken. rich, luscious, with the slight malty aftertaste of marmite, each piece of chicken was coated with this salty, slightly-tangy, malty glaze, very tasty. i could eat this all day long. (8/10)

then came some veges. passable. i think the veges were going stale so it wasn't very good but yah. still can.(6.5/10)

next up - pumpkin prawns! the prawns were really really fresh, sweet and tasty - the sauce was quite delectable. with the right sweetness, a bit tangy - but i think siang hee's version still beats it since it has much more pumpkin flavour and is thicker. (7.5/10)

next up - CRAB with tanghoon! the tanghoon absorbed all the flavours of the crab very well (as we all know tang hoon does) - i just felt that perhaps ya kwang's version was much better due to the presence of hwa tiao jiu and a stronger wok flavour. this one was good, braised, tasty, and savoury, but just lacked the edge. pity. (7/10)

And the piece de resistance - i've saved till last - is the Salted Egg Yolk Crab with butter. this isn't the style in melben seafood where there's lots of butter used, like a gravy.this one is the style where the crabs are fried with salted egg and hints of butter coating. it was absolutely delectable. it was a pleasure (yes, super guilty , fat-laden pleasure) just slurping/licking off the salted egg coated with butter, which went extremely well with the fresh sri lankan crabs that were really sweet and succulent. must try. (9/10)

Oriole Cafe and Bar

i'm a member of coffeegeek, which is an online community of coffee lovers and drinkers. if you love coffee you can find out all sorts of infomration about espresso making, beans, cafes, everything about coffee. yup. and so i discovered that the WBC barista championship singapore winner (john ting) works at oriole (and the no 2 also - who ironically is the boss) and decided to pay a visit, having looked online to find the place. it's apparently pretty new, situated just opposite cineleisure at the new pan pacific suites.

i went there, and was presently surprised that they had this espresso promotion, serving espresso shots at one buck a shot. sounded too good to be true! so i went in, heard about the promotion, sat down, and had a nice chat with john the head barista. we talked about coffee, life, the place, how to make good espresso, etc, and how to really appreciate a cuppa. he then served me two espressos, one their single origin (columbia), and one their blend. to be honest i wasn't very fond of their single origin, it was very full-bodied and robust and strong, a bit too much so for me. but i quite dig their espresso blend espresso. to be honest, since it's been almost a month since i've been there, i forgot what the taste was like. but i know it was quite nice. had a complex aftertaste after the initial 'saltiness' settled down. and a long finish.

usually when im there i have lattes, or piccolo lattes, or ice-lattes. their coffees often have beautiful aroma, and full-bodied tastes which are complex and robust and never bitter nor sour. a must try if you like coffee then!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Patissierie Glace

Ice (of skinnierthantheoriginal fame) recently blogged about this japanese-french bakery which serves the most amazing strawberry cakes, in her words, and i'm a sucker for desserts anyway. and the desserts i had in japan were amazing, i think they were the best part of the whole trip really. so yeah. i absolutely had to try these amazing desserts.

popped down to chinatown POINT and found out it was the wrong place. danggit. didnt check properly. so hopped down again to chinatown plaza, parked e car, and then stumbled in. met the friendly japanese chef and his really friendly vivacious wife (they are all like that in japan, i realised) - with the usual mashi-mazes and whatnots; and the cakes all looked so pretty and nice.

so, i ordered the strawberry souffle, and found it really quite amazing. very very light and delicate! a strawberry and fresh cream layer of perfect sweetness, balance, and a light fluffy texture in between light sponge and a lemony-cream cheese filling (the souffle part) makes for a wonderful light, sweet, delicious treat, and i was really enjoying every little morsel of it. it was soooo good.

another day, i tried the Strawberry Hill, and that was just as amazing, if not better. really light sponge of bigger proportions on top of fresh cream and strawberries again, but this time there was a really buttery tart-like base which was extremely delicious and enjoyable. it brought back memories of eating delifrance fruit tarts as a kid, always loving not the fruit but the buttery tarts which were so fragrant. this was exactly the same. in fact so much better - just had this round-ness of flavour and balance that is hard to put in words. just go try la.

and the last thing i had was the marron pie. ahh this was very very good. buttery, light, pastry with strong chestnut flavours encasing a real japanese chestnut. good to go nuts for.

Patissierie Glace
Rating: 10/10. no joke.
Chinatown Plaza, junction of craig road and neil road

Fatty Ox Roast Duck

If you have heard of Fatty Cheong, apparently Fatty Ox is his shi-fu and i read that he had come back to relaunch his business (he used to be at murray terrace) - i had kinda a roast duck craving really and i just finished school so i was like, why not, let's go eat some duck. haha. so i just drove all e way to north bridge road for my roast duck fix. and i tell you, man, it was worth it. it was some good good duck.

another dingy coffeeshop very very near tai hwa bak chor mee - served by some china ladies - quite expensive, four bucks really, but....
First bite: OOOOHHH, heavenly! really lovely duck flavour, smoky with just the right level of saltiness (i hate bland food), crisp skin and flavourful fats beneath it......
second bite: still yummy!
third bite: still yummy!

and the icing on the cake was - the last piece which i reserved for myself which was really just fat and skin. put it in your mouth and let the fats melt in your mouth as you chew it, savouring all the duck fats, oils, and flavour - ooh the skin was wonderful. okayokay go and try it la....

Fatty Ox Roast Duck
North bridge road
Rating: 9/10

Sungei Road Laksa

Sungei Road Laksa was voted one of Singapore's Heritage Hawkers and so with great anticipation i checked the makansutra, and the street directory before trudging over to Kelantan Lane (near mustafa centre) for the laksa.

the stall is in a coffeeshop, and even at 3pm there was a really long queue of mainly ah-peks having their afternoon laksa fix/snack. i even noticed that the gravy was boiling in a charcoal stove. wow. one wonders what that does for the taste, if anything.

Hmm. so they had the 2 dollars or 3 dollars version - the 2 dollars looked extremely miniscule and i was famished. so 3 bucks it is. came with just a spoon for slurping. so how was it?

Pretty good; it was quite light and tasty, not the lemak style. what i really liked was the freshness of the taugey. it was really crunchy. dunno why i picked that out but yeah. and also the cockles were very good. fresh. quite nice, but i think i prefer the katong laksa lemak style. haha. (7.5/10)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lao Ji Cooked Food

In Chinatown complex there is this really old-school run-down non-descript stall that serves yummy melt in your mouth yam and radish cakes. It's only open from 5pm to 7pm, that's when all the cakes run out - so you can tell, there's perpetually a long queue.
I had dental at Central and it was about 5pm so i decided to head down to try this wonderful yam cake. stood beside all the aunties and uncles queuing away patiently for their cakes to come in Styrofoam plates. aparently the cakes are soft so these old people can eat.

so i waited patiently for my turn. and behold my plate soon came, half of yam and half of radish. drizzled lightly with sesame oil and chilli and not much else, none of the thick sweet sauces, etc, this was delightful. very light and easy to eat. the yam's fragrance was quite evident though not overpoweringly so and the little bits of haybee went very well. radish cake was great too. just very light and tasty.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Hong Hing Laksa and Beef Noodles (AMK)

Happy new year!
And merry Christmas!
Thank the Lord for 2008 - even though it had been pretty eventful and most of it has been troughs, yet the Lord gives us His share of blessings and comforts us and loves us still! and accompanies us in the midst of storms and tribulations. as victor shepherd says, it's finding the wonder in the wilderness.
and yeah there are so many trials - the hostage killings, sichuan earthquake, financial crisis, but still, so much to be thankful for. alive to live another year.

(and to eat.)

anyway today's recommended stall is Hong Hing Beef Noodles and Laksa. Located at Blk 233, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 St 22, it's the same coffee shop as Uncle Leong Seafood, also known as the relative of Melben seafood that famous crab place. but while uncle leong only opens at night, hong hing only opens for lunch. Makansutra gave it 5 chopsticks (out of 6) for both their laksa and beef noodles. I needed to try both, so what did i do? Of course, order the laksa plus a bowl of beef soup to share on the side!

First up, the laksa; it looked really potent; i mean, a dollop of "chilli spices" and alot of hay-bee in the stock raised my hopes, and it didn't disappoint. First sip - very fragrant, the rempah was fried till aromatic and there was so much 'hay-bee'(dried shrimp) that added complex savoury flavours to the gravy. Topped up with alot of cockles and fish cake and you have a great laksa. (8/10).

The Beef Soup was really quite extraordinary. The broth was extremely beefy and hearty, with a nice savoury edge to it. it was really addictive! I had to control myself slurping it all up (since we were sharing the beef soup). thrown in were tender pieces of beef and tendons and all that which were very nice and soft. Great stuff. (8.5/10). Highly recommended!