Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lao Ji Cooked Food

In Chinatown complex there is this really old-school run-down non-descript stall that serves yummy melt in your mouth yam and radish cakes. It's only open from 5pm to 7pm, that's when all the cakes run out - so you can tell, there's perpetually a long queue.
I had dental at Central and it was about 5pm so i decided to head down to try this wonderful yam cake. stood beside all the aunties and uncles queuing away patiently for their cakes to come in Styrofoam plates. aparently the cakes are soft so these old people can eat.

so i waited patiently for my turn. and behold my plate soon came, half of yam and half of radish. drizzled lightly with sesame oil and chilli and not much else, none of the thick sweet sauces, etc, this was delightful. very light and easy to eat. the yam's fragrance was quite evident though not overpoweringly so and the little bits of haybee went very well. radish cake was great too. just very light and tasty.


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