Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fatty Ox Roast Duck

If you have heard of Fatty Cheong, apparently Fatty Ox is his shi-fu and i read that he had come back to relaunch his business (he used to be at murray terrace) - i had kinda a roast duck craving really and i just finished school so i was like, why not, let's go eat some duck. haha. so i just drove all e way to north bridge road for my roast duck fix. and i tell you, man, it was worth it. it was some good good duck.

another dingy coffeeshop very very near tai hwa bak chor mee - served by some china ladies - quite expensive, four bucks really, but....
First bite: OOOOHHH, heavenly! really lovely duck flavour, smoky with just the right level of saltiness (i hate bland food), crisp skin and flavourful fats beneath it......
second bite: still yummy!
third bite: still yummy!

and the icing on the cake was - the last piece which i reserved for myself which was really just fat and skin. put it in your mouth and let the fats melt in your mouth as you chew it, savouring all the duck fats, oils, and flavour - ooh the skin was wonderful. okayokay go and try it la....

Fatty Ox Roast Duck
North bridge road
Rating: 9/10

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