Friday, March 27, 2009

Two Chefs Eating House

havent been to many new places recently, but this is one of them. Two Chefs Eating House, located at commonwealth, has been blogged about by many many people. it's one of those places that is so famous that really i don't really need to bother.

alot of pple have said that standards have dropped, this place isn't worth going to anymore, and all that. well, to be fair to them, i'd say that certain dishes are pretty good, and worth going for, while certain dishes are really just ordinary and probably works best as a 'filler'. it's like how you have hit singles, and fillers, in albums. (btw check out MGMT, they rock).

we started off with some drunken cockles. this is definitely NO filler. it's absolutely amazing. fresh cockles in a thai-inspired savoury, sour, spicy, sweet sauce all at once. with loads of chilli and scallions to boot. superb. i was slurping the gravy to no end. (8.5/10)

then came their most famous dish - butter pork ribs. this was really quite good too. milk powder-like butterish powder coated tender fried pork ribs. went quite well, with the butter lending a savoury edge and the milk a sweet aftertaste to the ribs. but i wasn't overwhelmed. heh. (7/10)

the three -eggs spinach was a disappointment really. i had much better ones at boon tong kee. haha. of all places. (4/10)

came 2 days later to try other dishes and bring new friends. this time we had the golden mushroom tofu. this was really good. the sauce was very tasty and was a perfect accompaniment to a bowl of rice. savoury, unami. came with enoki mushrooms and soft beancurd. only pity was that portions were little. but never mind. (8/10)

Sin Ma G7 Seafood restaurant (geylang)

Zihua and her friends organised a makan session at Geylang, and one always knows she does her research well. so off we went. it was this air-conditioned seafood eatery at lorong 3, next to the claypot rice. since it wasn't listed in makansutra and all that, nor do food bloggers usually post about it, i didnt have really high expectations. how wrong i was! for the food was superb.

we started with some marmite chicken. rich, luscious, with the slight malty aftertaste of marmite, each piece of chicken was coated with this salty, slightly-tangy, malty glaze, very tasty. i could eat this all day long. (8/10)

then came some veges. passable. i think the veges were going stale so it wasn't very good but yah. still can.(6.5/10)

next up - pumpkin prawns! the prawns were really really fresh, sweet and tasty - the sauce was quite delectable. with the right sweetness, a bit tangy - but i think siang hee's version still beats it since it has much more pumpkin flavour and is thicker. (7.5/10)

next up - CRAB with tanghoon! the tanghoon absorbed all the flavours of the crab very well (as we all know tang hoon does) - i just felt that perhaps ya kwang's version was much better due to the presence of hwa tiao jiu and a stronger wok flavour. this one was good, braised, tasty, and savoury, but just lacked the edge. pity. (7/10)

And the piece de resistance - i've saved till last - is the Salted Egg Yolk Crab with butter. this isn't the style in melben seafood where there's lots of butter used, like a gravy.this one is the style where the crabs are fried with salted egg and hints of butter coating. it was absolutely delectable. it was a pleasure (yes, super guilty , fat-laden pleasure) just slurping/licking off the salted egg coated with butter, which went extremely well with the fresh sri lankan crabs that were really sweet and succulent. must try. (9/10)

Oriole Cafe and Bar

i'm a member of coffeegeek, which is an online community of coffee lovers and drinkers. if you love coffee you can find out all sorts of infomration about espresso making, beans, cafes, everything about coffee. yup. and so i discovered that the WBC barista championship singapore winner (john ting) works at oriole (and the no 2 also - who ironically is the boss) and decided to pay a visit, having looked online to find the place. it's apparently pretty new, situated just opposite cineleisure at the new pan pacific suites.

i went there, and was presently surprised that they had this espresso promotion, serving espresso shots at one buck a shot. sounded too good to be true! so i went in, heard about the promotion, sat down, and had a nice chat with john the head barista. we talked about coffee, life, the place, how to make good espresso, etc, and how to really appreciate a cuppa. he then served me two espressos, one their single origin (columbia), and one their blend. to be honest i wasn't very fond of their single origin, it was very full-bodied and robust and strong, a bit too much so for me. but i quite dig their espresso blend espresso. to be honest, since it's been almost a month since i've been there, i forgot what the taste was like. but i know it was quite nice. had a complex aftertaste after the initial 'saltiness' settled down. and a long finish.

usually when im there i have lattes, or piccolo lattes, or ice-lattes. their coffees often have beautiful aroma, and full-bodied tastes which are complex and robust and never bitter nor sour. a must try if you like coffee then!