Friday, March 27, 2009

Oriole Cafe and Bar

i'm a member of coffeegeek, which is an online community of coffee lovers and drinkers. if you love coffee you can find out all sorts of infomration about espresso making, beans, cafes, everything about coffee. yup. and so i discovered that the WBC barista championship singapore winner (john ting) works at oriole (and the no 2 also - who ironically is the boss) and decided to pay a visit, having looked online to find the place. it's apparently pretty new, situated just opposite cineleisure at the new pan pacific suites.

i went there, and was presently surprised that they had this espresso promotion, serving espresso shots at one buck a shot. sounded too good to be true! so i went in, heard about the promotion, sat down, and had a nice chat with john the head barista. we talked about coffee, life, the place, how to make good espresso, etc, and how to really appreciate a cuppa. he then served me two espressos, one their single origin (columbia), and one their blend. to be honest i wasn't very fond of their single origin, it was very full-bodied and robust and strong, a bit too much so for me. but i quite dig their espresso blend espresso. to be honest, since it's been almost a month since i've been there, i forgot what the taste was like. but i know it was quite nice. had a complex aftertaste after the initial 'saltiness' settled down. and a long finish.

usually when im there i have lattes, or piccolo lattes, or ice-lattes. their coffees often have beautiful aroma, and full-bodied tastes which are complex and robust and never bitter nor sour. a must try if you like coffee then!


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