Friday, March 27, 2009

Sin Ma G7 Seafood restaurant (geylang)

Zihua and her friends organised a makan session at Geylang, and one always knows she does her research well. so off we went. it was this air-conditioned seafood eatery at lorong 3, next to the claypot rice. since it wasn't listed in makansutra and all that, nor do food bloggers usually post about it, i didnt have really high expectations. how wrong i was! for the food was superb.

we started with some marmite chicken. rich, luscious, with the slight malty aftertaste of marmite, each piece of chicken was coated with this salty, slightly-tangy, malty glaze, very tasty. i could eat this all day long. (8/10)

then came some veges. passable. i think the veges were going stale so it wasn't very good but yah. still can.(6.5/10)

next up - pumpkin prawns! the prawns were really really fresh, sweet and tasty - the sauce was quite delectable. with the right sweetness, a bit tangy - but i think siang hee's version still beats it since it has much more pumpkin flavour and is thicker. (7.5/10)

next up - CRAB with tanghoon! the tanghoon absorbed all the flavours of the crab very well (as we all know tang hoon does) - i just felt that perhaps ya kwang's version was much better due to the presence of hwa tiao jiu and a stronger wok flavour. this one was good, braised, tasty, and savoury, but just lacked the edge. pity. (7/10)

And the piece de resistance - i've saved till last - is the Salted Egg Yolk Crab with butter. this isn't the style in melben seafood where there's lots of butter used, like a gravy.this one is the style where the crabs are fried with salted egg and hints of butter coating. it was absolutely delectable. it was a pleasure (yes, super guilty , fat-laden pleasure) just slurping/licking off the salted egg coated with butter, which went extremely well with the fresh sri lankan crabs that were really sweet and succulent. must try. (9/10)

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