Friday, March 27, 2009

Two Chefs Eating House

havent been to many new places recently, but this is one of them. Two Chefs Eating House, located at commonwealth, has been blogged about by many many people. it's one of those places that is so famous that really i don't really need to bother.

alot of pple have said that standards have dropped, this place isn't worth going to anymore, and all that. well, to be fair to them, i'd say that certain dishes are pretty good, and worth going for, while certain dishes are really just ordinary and probably works best as a 'filler'. it's like how you have hit singles, and fillers, in albums. (btw check out MGMT, they rock).

we started off with some drunken cockles. this is definitely NO filler. it's absolutely amazing. fresh cockles in a thai-inspired savoury, sour, spicy, sweet sauce all at once. with loads of chilli and scallions to boot. superb. i was slurping the gravy to no end. (8.5/10)

then came their most famous dish - butter pork ribs. this was really quite good too. milk powder-like butterish powder coated tender fried pork ribs. went quite well, with the butter lending a savoury edge and the milk a sweet aftertaste to the ribs. but i wasn't overwhelmed. heh. (7/10)

the three -eggs spinach was a disappointment really. i had much better ones at boon tong kee. haha. of all places. (4/10)

came 2 days later to try other dishes and bring new friends. this time we had the golden mushroom tofu. this was really good. the sauce was very tasty and was a perfect accompaniment to a bowl of rice. savoury, unami. came with enoki mushrooms and soft beancurd. only pity was that portions were little. but never mind. (8/10)

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