Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wasabi Tei - Fantastico! Oishi!

Went to Wasabi Tei today for a second try at their much-lauded Japanese food. As you all already know, Wasabi Tei is well known to contain owners who are food nazis, who will scowl at you, never serve you with a smile, etc....But with the reputation of the food, we had to go again.
So off we went.

We were served with an appetizer, which was some pickled seaweed, and that was really delicious. Savoury, salty, with hints of sweetness. Very nice.

Couldn't decide what to order, so i went with the same thing i had the other time just to see how good it really was, since everyone talks about it and loves the food here so I had to really try it out again. Had the Chirashi Don (S$20). And i tell you, it was the most value-for-money amazing set I have tried. The pieces of sashimi were sliced so thickly, each slice was the thickness of a human finger (I'm not joking). And I was served, hmms, let me see:

So how was the fish? incredibly fresh, delicious, savoury, tasty, with all the lovely oomphy fish oils and juices and fish flavours.

I first tried the Hamachi (Yellowtail): Ah,this was good. very fresh, with the usual yellowtail flavours. Very thick.

The salmon was next: Ah, this was very thick as well, and absolutely delicious. very fresh, with no bad flavours.

Tamago: very well done. sweet enough.

Swordfish: Ah, this was really the BEST! Very thick, very "crunchy" with perfect texture of a good mekaji, and the taste was really shiokkkk, OISHI!!! OOMPHY! Very very savoury and delicious, with the lovely fish juices oozing out once u bite into the swordfish at the back of your tongue.

Another fish was served: didn't know what it was. It wasn't bad.

And the creme de la creme that i've saved for last: Some little bits of UNI! (sea urchin) A metallic sort of taste of the sea, creamy, sweet seafood taste of slight brine, with a lovely sensation at the back of your tongue. Sorry i'm really bad at describing the food, you know. =) It was good.

Rating: 9/10

Oh btw i tried my friend's chawan mushi. it was delicious. very fresh steamed egg just freshly made, with bits of mushroom and prawn!